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Hinges for prominent, surface-mounted doors

In the case of surface mount doors, the door strikes in front of the cabinet frame or housing. Hinges for surface-mounted doors take into account the resulting special requirements in terms of installation space, function and type of attachment. There are visible hinges (fixed on the outside) and non-visible hinges (fixed inside the door and housing).


Advantages of our hinges for surface-mounted doors

Hinges for surface-mounted doors offer various advantages. The ingenious opening angle enables optimum accessibility, which is particularly useful in narrow or hard-to-reach areas. Invisible or concealed hinge solutions also offer an aesthetic and secure installation. Thanks to robust materials such as stainless steel and galvanized steel, these hinges guarantee a long service life and high resistance to external influences.

Extensive product range and variety of materials

We offer an extensive range of surface mount door hinges, including both visible and concealed variants. These hinges are available in different materials such as stainless steel, steel, GD-Zn and polyamide and can be selected with different surface finishes such as black, black powder-coated, galvanized or chrome-plated, depending on requirements. A special feature is the possibility of designing the hinges to be detachable, which makes installation and maintenance considerably easier.

Application areas of hinges for surface-mounted doors

EMKA hinges are ideal for use in industrial switch cabinets and housings, both for single and modular cabinets with single or double doors. The product range includes various models that are specially designed for door hinges and are characterized by their individual pin mechanism. This flexibility enables a wide range of applications in various industries.

Hinge solutions from EMKA

EMKA not only stands for high-quality hinges for surface-mounted doors, but also offers a wide range of other product categories such as hinges for flush doors, detachable hinges with captive pin, torque hinges, pin hinges, adjustable hinges and spring hinges. This product diversity, combined with our expert knowledge and many years of experience, makes EMKA your reliable partner for systematic locking technology.

Our Topseller

The 180° Hinge, crafted from Polyamide GF in black, is designated by the article number 1079-U4. Part of Program 1079 and featured on Catalogue Page 4A-285, this hinge is designed to provide a wide range of movement.

Its availability is contingent on specific requests, and it accommodates both right and left door orientations. This versatile hinge offers flexibility and is suitable for various applications, ensuring reliable performance and ease of use.

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180° Hinge, Polyamide GF black; 1079-U4

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