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Pin hinges

Pin hinges are characterized by their compact design and universal applicability. They are easy to handle and allow doors to be fitted and removed without complications. They are robust and offer a high degree of flexibility in use.

Pin hinges for every customer requirement

The small size of pin hinges is a decisive factor that makes them attractive for numerous applications. Their ability to be fitted to both the top and bottom of doors allows for flexible installation in various configurations. In addition, the spring-loaded pin simplifies the assembly and disassembly of doors, making maintenance and repair work much easier.

Pin hinges from EMKA are used in a range of industrial applications. They are ideal for surface mount or flush doors on single or modular cabinets. This flexibility makes them an ideal solution for industrial enclosure and switch cabinet construction.

High-quality materials: The foundation of EMKA pin hinges

EMKA pin hinges are manufactured from high-quality materials such as polyamide, GD-Zn, steel and stainless steel. This choice of materials not only guarantees a long service life, but also high resistance to external influences. The use of stainless steel also offers excellent corrosion resistance, making them particularly suitable for demanding environments.

EMKA: Your partner for industrial hinges

At EMKA, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our pin hinges are an example of our commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements. In addition to pin hinges, EMKA offers a wide range of hinges including:

·         Hinges for surface-mounted doors

·         Hinges for flush doors

·         Detachable hinges with captive pin

·         Torque hinges

·         Adjustable hinges

·         Spring-loaded hinges

Our range is characterized by innovation, reliability and a wide range of applications. Choose EMKA for your industrial hinge solutions and benefit from our expertise and comprehensive product portfolio.

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