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Safety quarter turns

Safety quarter turns, also called safety compression latches, are simple locks and are a special form of quarter turns. By a special security mechanism, safety quarter turns ensure, that a lock cannot be open under any circumstances.

How do safety quarter turns work?

Safety quarter turns close by a quarter turn of the cam in a vibration-proof manner. An internal pin or lug is inserted into an internal groove, which keeps the cam of the safety quarter turn locked, until it is unlocked again. Shaking it open is impossible due to the safety mechanism. With a key, the internal pin or groove is pushed out of its locking position and the cam is free, so that the lock opens. Security compression latches can thus only be operated from the outside.

Where are safety quarter turns used?

Safety quarter turns are mainly used in vibration-intensive environments that are associated with vibrations. These can be, for example, flaps and doors of vibration-intensive machines and systems. However, they are also used in the railroad industry, in wind power plants and in environments where heavy vehicles frequently pass by, which would shake open a conventional quarter turn due to the resulting vibrations. In contrast to conventional quarter turns, safety quarter turns remain firmly closed due to their special mechanism, even in environments with high vibrations, and can only be operated and thus opened again with the help of a key.


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What material are safety quarter turns made of?

EMKA's safety quarter turns are usually made out of one of the following materials:

  • Zinc die,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • or brass.

The surfaces of the safety quarter turns is Zinc die chrome-plated and black powder-coated. However, at EMKA we can also offer you other surface finishes on request.

Safety quarter turns from EMKA with double bit

Our range also includes special safety quarter turns with double-bit 3 and double-bit 5 insert. They are certified according to DIN 43668, which is designed for electrical systems. With these, the key cannot be removed when the lock is open. This ensures that the door is always kept locked for safety reasons, because the key cannot be pulled out of the lock when the door is open.