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Torque hinges, friction

A special function can be realized with torque hinges. A defined torque acts between the hinge halves, which move in relation to each other, and can be used, for example, to generate holding forces for horizontally opening flaps, which can hold the flap in any opening position. 

What is a torque hinge?

A torque hinge is a specialized hinge that enables controlled movement by means of an infinitely variable locking mechanism. The torque is precisely controlled by the adjustable holding torque of the hinge, which enables smooth opening and closing. Due to the friction generated by the hinge, the torque hinge is often also called a friction hinge or detent hinge.

The advantages of our torque hinges

EMKA's torque hinges offer a number of advantages that make them an optimal solution in various applications:

·         Adjustable torque

·         Constant torque over 180° adjustment range

·         Same torque when opening and closing

·         Small construction volume

·         Long service life

·         Special solutions possible

Areas of application for friction hinges

Our friction hinges can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, particularly in the field of switch cabinet and casing construction. They are ideal for surface-mounted or internal doors on single or modular cabinets, regardless of whether they are single or double doors. These hinges not only offer a flexible solution for different designs, but also robust and durable performance. In addition, the hinges are available in various torque ranges from 2 Nm to 6.5 Nm. This range of available torques enables precise adaptation to the specific requirements of different applications and ensures optimum functionality.

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