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Toggle latch

Toggle latches are standard parts that are used as a secure means of closure for industrial applications, for example flaps, covers or machine cladding. They are simple in design and versatile in use. At EMKA, you can obtain toggle latches in various versions, which ensure simple and secure closure. Depending on your requirements, we offer you toggle latches in various designs, for example with wire toggle latch and materials such as stainless steel or zinc die-cast.
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How does a toggle latch work?

The mechanism of a toggle latch is simple. The toggle latch is hooked into a tensioning hook and a lever is tensioned downwards, closing the toggle latch. This builds up tensile forces that correspond to a multiple of the actuating force. By closing the tensioning mechanism in the toggle latch, a so-called lever dead centre is overcome, which reliably and securely locks the simple lock in the closed state. Toggle latches with a safety catch are additionally equipped with a safety catch in the form of a latch, which protects the lock from unattended opening. The additional safety catch prevents unintentional opening of the toggle latch when it is closed.

What is a toggle latch suitable for?

Toggle latches can be used wherever flaps, lids or detachable components need to be fixed and reliably closed. Examples of applications include boxes for trade fair construction and the transport industry. Special adjustable toggle latches with additional springs are also suitable for high tensile loads of several tonnes. These in turn can be used for commercial vehicles or agricultural machinery.


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The advantages of EMKA's toggle latches at a glance

  • Secure locking system with simple mechanics
  • Top quality and therefore long service life of the toggle latches
  • extreme tensioning force possible due to additional spring
  • Large variety for numerous applications