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As the world market leader in the field of locking technology, the EMKA GROUP sets standards in quality, vertical integration and delivery performance. With a comprehensive range of over 30,000 items and a global presence, EMKA is your experienced partner for innovative closure systems, hinges and gaskets. Whether in electronics and electrical engineering, transportation, air conditioning or in the highly specialized world of medical technology - EMKA offers tailor-made solutions for demanding applications in various industries.

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Locking technology in the industry

The EMKA GROUP offers a wide range of products that are essential for numerous branches of industry. Our locks and latches, locking systems and hinges play a central role in switch cabinet and control cabinet construction as well as in air conditioning technology by ensuring that sensitive components are protected from external influences. Our sealing profiles and edge protection solutions are used in rail vehicles and commercial vehicles to ensure durability and functionality under harsh operating conditions.

Locks and hinges: at the heart of every application

Locking systems and hinges are not just simple parts, but highly developed technical components that are tailored to the specific requirements of each application. In the food industry, for example, closures must comply with strict hygiene regulations, while in mechanical engineering the focus is on mechanical strength. For medical technology, on the other hand, the precision and purity of the materials used are of the utmost importance.

Sealing profiles and edge protection: indispensable safety elements

The EMKA GROUP develops and produces sealing profiles and edge protection profiles that are designed to provide optimum sealing and protection in various environments. Our products in outdoor cabinets and telecommunications cabinets protect sensitive electronics from the elements, while in charging stations and server cabinets they form an effective barrier against dust and moisture.

Locking technology with industry expertise

Locking technology from EMKA is used wherever reliability and security are required. Our locking systems, hinges and gaskets are specially tailored to the needs of the following industries:

·         Switch cabinet and control cabinet construction: Maximum functionality and security for electronic control systems.

·         Data centers and server cabinets: Precise locking solutions that ensure the security and cooling of high-performance servers.

·         Mechanical engineering: Robust and durable components that withstand demanding operating conditions.

·         Rail vehicle construction and commercial vehicles: Reliability even under extreme movement and weather conditions.

·         Food industry & medical technology: Precisely manufactured closure parts for highly sensitive applications that meet strict hygiene standards and are easy to clean.

·         Air conditioning and HVAC systems: Efficient and reliable components for systems that control the indoor climate.

·         Telecommunications and outdoor cabinets: Robust solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure in the open air.

·         Charging stations: Security systems that withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The EMKA promise: quality and innovation

With in-depth expertise in metal and plastic processing, the EMKA GROUP guarantees the highest quality in every product. We understand the complex requirements of fastening technology and pride ourselves on developing solutions that are not only functional but also innovative. Our global team is always ready to push the boundaries of what is possible to provide our customers with the best products on the market.

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