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Locking solutions for Mechanical Engineering

Closures of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering must meet the most diverse requirements. Quick assembly and simple installation, convenient operation and, above all, a secure locking system are required. Because on highly dangerous machines, personal protection plays a particularly important role. A professional locking system secures the highly sensitive electronics in control cabinets on the one hand, but also the persons in areas of a machine where safety is endangered.

Locking solutions in mechanical engineering must primarily meet the criteria of safety, locking and operating convenience as well as durability even under demanding conditions.

With EMKA as a long-time expert for locking solutions you have found a partner who supplies you with locks like safety quarter turn or compression latches as well as hinges, handles and sealing profiles that consistently meet the demanding criteria in mechanical engineering.


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Expertise in locking solutions for mechanical engineering

We make sure that our customers from the mechanical engineering industry can concentrate on their own core competences of development and construction of high-quality machines and systems.

You can leave the development of suitable closure solutions for all doors, flaps, accesses, operating elements, etc. to our teams of experts, who will make a sure contribution to your success in mechanical engineering.

Products for your safety

At EMKA you will find products which comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which are protected against dust and water with the desired IP protection classes or which are equipped with UL certifications.

In addition to protection against the ingress of dust and water, we offer you products with grounding protection, vibration resistance and lock position indicator.

EMKA - Your partner for locking solutions in mechanical engineering.

Our products also meet special challenges regarding fire protection, compression and extreme power transmission in high doors or through large sheet thicknesses. You benefit from EMKA's wide range of products for all installation openings and all types of installation.

With the consistently modular design of our product world from our own production you have all possibilities to react flexibly to the special requirements of mechanical engineering. For the quarter turns alone, over 15,000 of our products already have American UL certification. Please contact us!

Safety quarter turn​

  • Inscription on the housing immerged or pad printed​
  • Tamper and vibration proof​
  • Insert and head chrome plated or stainless steel​
  • RH and LH version​
  • Large selection of different inserts​
  • For cams without catch​

compression latch square 8

  • compact design
  • compatible with other quarter turns with GH = 18 mm
  • short housing GH = 18 mm
  • foamed sealing
  • standard cut out


Clip-in quarter turn for quick assembly without tools

  • cost savings due to assembly without tools within seconds
  • smooth operation (no inner rotation due to design)
  • snap-in cam with safety cap
  • self-sealing design for highest protection requirements (design immanent)
  • increased safeguarding against overwinding
  • standard cut out
  • patented


eCam electromechanical cam lock

  • Universal, electromechanical latch for all type of cam locks​
  • Small installation dimension​
  • Easy installation in new and existing systems​
  • With mechanical emergency opening​
  • Locking / Unlocking via stand alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader​
  • Integrable into access control systems or machine controls​
  • German Innovation Award Winner 2019​


Torque hinges

  • adjustable torque
  •  holds any position continuously at adequate load
  •  constant torque across 180° adjustment range
  •  same torque while opening and closing
  •  compatible with all hinges of the 1056 program with identical cut out
  •  can replace door stops, cover stays or gas springs depending on installation location


Screw-on hinge

  • Application similar to 1056 for higher loads. Also available in VA


Bow-type handle​

  • Ergonomic bow-type handle made of reinforced polyamide​
  • Mounting of the bow-type handle by choice. The use of cylinder head screw, hexagon head screw, countersunk screw or nuts can be accommodated, depending on the version​
  • Handle and cover are available in color and / or antibacterial version (on request)​
  • Bow-type handle also usable without cover​
  • Protected design​

Edge protection

  • For covering before sharp-edged sheet metal cuts. No sealing function.


Gasket, self-locking

  • Saves the user from cutting and gluing in the corners (problem areas)


Aluminum window

  • Serves to protect operating elements or displays
  • Provide an insight into the machine.


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