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Catch fasteners

Catch fasteners or chest handles belong to the simple locks. They convince through easy handling, because they can be operated quickly both with and without a key. If you choose a catch fastener from EMKA, you can be sure that you are purchasing a durable quality product..

Where are catch fasteners and chest handles used?

Catch fasteners are primarily used in the transport sector, especially for

  • mobile homes,
  • trailers
  • and caravans,
  • but also in commercial vehicles.

On the doors of these vehicles, the practicality of catch fasteners is that they are quick and easy to operate. A chest handle can also be operated without a key, just a simple push can close the door without the use of a key.

How does a chest handle work?

In a chest handle, a hook acts as a latch that opens or closes the latch. For example, if you reach behind the catch fastener on a car door and pull it forward, the hook in the latch is released and it unlocks. When closing the door, it can simply be pushed to be closed again and the hook automatically snaps back into the lock. The flap of this locking system thus fulfils a dual function: operating the flap when opening and automatically closing the flap latch when the door is pushed to close.


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