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Locking Systems: Innovative solutions from EMKA

At EMKA, we stand for high-quality locking systems that are indispensable in various industrial sectors. EMKA, as a leading manufacturer, offers an extensive range of latches, hinges and gaskets to meet the specific requirements of various industrial applications. Our product range covers everything from simple escutcheons to sophisticated electromechanical locking systems.


Versatile locking systems for maximum security

Every latch from EMKA is characterized by reliability and high security. Our locking systems include

·         Escutcheons with wide range of inserts or keyed actuations for secure locking.

·         Swinghandles and lift handles that offer ergonomics and easy handling.

·         Electromechanical locking systems that use the latest technology for the highest security requirements.

·         Heavy-duty locking systems, ideal for demanding industrial environments.

·         Various accessories for locking systems that extend the functionality and flexibility of our products.

Our Topseller

The Swinghandle 1150, keyed EK 333, is a secure and versatile locking solution.

Crafted from zinc die and black powder-coated for durability, this product is identified by the article number 1150-U2 and belongs to Program 1150.

While its availability is contingent on specific requests, the Swinghandle 1150 offers a reliable and customizable locking option suitable for various applications.

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Swinghandle 1150, keyed EK 333,
Zinc die black powder-coated; 1150-U2

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Locking systems for various industrial requirements

EMKA's locking systems are widely used in various industrial sectors:

·         In switch cabinet and control cabinet construction, our switch cabinet locking systems ensure reliable and secure locking.

·         In mechanical engineering, our robust latches guarantee long-lasting performance.

·         For rail vehicles and commercial vehicles, we offer special solutions that meet the high loads and specific safety requirements.

·         Our latching systems are particularly in demand in the food industry and medical technology due to their hygienic properties.

·         Our products also prove their efficiency and reliability in air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Variety of materials for specific requirements

When manufacturing our latching systems, we attach great importance to the choice of material. Our products are available in various materials, including

·         Stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

·         Steel and GD-Zn, ideal for robust and heavy-duty applications.

·         Plastic/polyamide and aluminum offer a lightweight yet strong solution.

These materials allow us to offer latching systems in different designs, each optimized for specific requirements and environments.

EMKA - your global partner for locking and latching systems

EMKA stands for innovative and reliable locking technology. With a wide range of products and materials as well as customized solutions for various industrial applications, we are your ideal partner. Discover the variety and quality of our products and secure your applications with EMKA locking systems.

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