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Locking Solutions for Commercial vehicles

(Electronic) locking solutions are also interesting for sectors far removed from industry, switch or control cabinets - including commercial vehicles and the caravan sector. The requirement here is that closure and locking systems should disappear from the visible surface. Optical interruptions in the form of handles or surface-mounted hinges are undesirable. At the same time, the customer wants a functioning, reliable and secure lock (difficult for unauthorised persons to open) as well as high-quality hardware components. EMKA is the right partner for them.

EMKA offers a comprehensive product range of locking solutions for the Commercial vehicles sector from one single source.

Our portfolio is characterized by its modular design, versatility and high quality. The highest standards are guaranteed by excellent manufacturing know-how and by our certified process controll according to ISO 9001.

According to DIN EN 61373 vibrationproof designed locks, undetachable foamed seals, as well as various materials and surfaces, are available with many standard solutions.

The large production depth of EMKA makes the delivery of the complete locking system, consisting of lock, hinge and gasket as well as useful accessories, possible.




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Highest quality for utility vehicles

EMKA - Partner of the commercial vehicles sector

As a long-time system-partner of the commercial vehicle industry EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative products.

EMKA's locking solutions for utility vehicles like trucks, busses, mobile homes or trailers ​stand ​out ​due ​to ​its ​modular​ structure, ​versatility ​and ​high ​quality. ​The ​EMKA ​locking​ systems​ comply ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ sector ​and ​meet ​the​ relevant ​standards for industrial vehicles. ​In ​addition,​ EMKA provides individual special solutions that arise in dialogue with the customer.

The standard of tomorrow!

You have special demands? Together, let's make a product out of it!

As a long-time system partner of the Commercial vehicles industry  EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative products. In addition to enhanced locking solutions, EMKA complements its product portfolio with innovative compressions latches with flap, 90° 3D hinges or specialized 180° gear hinges, gasketings for fire protection and special products like our new emergency hammer. EMKA creates its innovations in close communication with its customers, thus responds to the current requirements of the market. We are proud to set the trends that will become the standard of tomorrow!

Innovations for Commercial vehicles at a glance​

In EMKA’s Technology Centre 30 design engineers convert ideas into finished products – always in close communication with the customer and in respect tot he markets‘ needs. To this day our specialists have tailored round 20,000 innovative locking solutions and gasketing profiles, that were intensely tested in our internal test lab and finally produced by EMKA for the Commercial vehicles industry . Our state-of-the-art Technology Centre creates the innovative products of tomorrow!

Double Red Basic

  • New, cost-optimized variants of the well-known compression latch „Double-Red“ by omitting of the optic opening indicators
    -Variant in white for a special look
    -Variant in black made of eco-material​
  • Rotary handle exclusively lockable in closed state​
  • Robust solution for many years of use​
  • Tamper and vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373​
  • Patented​

ePush Lock​

  • Locking solution without visible components on the outside​
  • Opening and closing by pressing the flap / door​
  • No interruption of the outer sealing due to mounting at the inside​
  • Integrated emergency opening on the locking element​
  • Capable for central locking through integrated electronics​
  • Usable as a building block for the alarm monitoring of the flap​
  • Distance adapter & protective cover optionally available​
  • German Innovation Award Winner 2019​



  • Universal, electromechanical latch for all type of cam locks​
  • Small installation dimension​
  • Easy installation in new and existing systems​
  • With mechanical emergency opening​
  • Locking / Unlocking via stand alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader​
  • Integrable into access control systems or machine controls​
  • German Innovation Award Winner 2019​


Single-point latch​

  • Usable in various applications as a concealed look​
  • Available in 4 different types​
  • Wide supply voltage range (9 ... 32 V)​
  • Potential-free switch for remote monitoring of latch status​
  • Emergency opening via bowden cable in case of power failure​

Safety quarter turn​

  • Inscription on the housing immerged or pad printed​
  • Tamper and vibration proof​
  • Insert and head chrome plated or stainless steel​
  • RH and LH version​
  • Large selection of different inserts​
  • For cams without catch​

90° 3D Hinge

  • Space-optimized, solid hinge for vehicle rampsand flaps
  • Economic structure and design
  • Integrated 3D adjustment with comfortable settings by eccentric discs
  • Right and left usable
  • Concealed hinge with low mounted height
  • For commercial vehicles
  • Opening angle 90°

Compression Latch-Hinge​

  • For all door sizes > 0,8 m² surface​
  • The favourable pivot point of the handle allows for low actuation forces a seal compression of 5 mm​
  • When the door is closed, the latch is adjustable (3 mm) to achieve perfect alignment​
  • Door or panel can be removed by unlatching the handles on both sides​
  • Hinge 180° opening angle​
  • 3D adjustable (tolerance compensation)​
  • Available with or without pressure relief​
  • Patent submitted​


180° gear hinge​

  • High quality gear hinge​
  • Economic structure and design​
  • Compact construction​
  • Concealed, not visible​
  • 180° opening angle​
  • Right and left usable​
  • For doors / flaps up to 40 kg (4 hinges)​
  • System related, small clearance​
  • Fixing function optional​
  • Maintenance-free​
  • Patented​

Modular locking system​

  • New modular handle with an innovative design​
  • Suitable for doors opening inwards and outwards​
  • Suitable for various door thicknesses (25 - 110 mm)​
  • Fits 2 standard cut outs (13 mm, 19 mm)​
  • Variety of locking options (round cylinder, blind plug, square insert, further inserts on request)​
  • Roller Cam with adjustable clamping load​
  • Adjustable eccentric roller​
  • Removable handle during transport​
  • Meets the industry-specific national and international standards​
  • Conforms with the entire EMKA range​
  • Material: Polyamide with 30% glass filled (VDI 6022 / ISO 846 compliant materials)​
  • Air Tightness class L1-L3 possible​
  • Protected design​

Bow-type handle​

  • Ergonomic bow-type handle made of reinforced polyamide​
  • Mounting of the bow-type handle by choice. The use of cylinder head screw, hexagon head screw, countersunk screw or nuts can be accommodated, depending on the version​
  • Handle and cover are available in color and / or antibacterial version (on request)​
  • Bow-type handle also usable without cover​
  • Protected design​

Emergency hammer

  • Ergonomically designed emergency hammer for applying a high impact energy
  • High safety with low risk of injury
  • Protected, two-colour, modern design
  • Different colour combinations possible due to the 2 shells (handles)
  • Low weight due to handle and holder made of flame-retardant plastic

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