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Quarter turns

Quarter turns aka cam locks are a simple form of locking a door in a secure way. A door in industrial cabinet construction is usually hinged to the door frame on one side by one or more hinges, while on the other side it can be locked by a latch in the door frame. This simple lock is called a quarter turn or compression latch. By simply turning its insert or its cylinder from the outside, it enables the cam on the inside of the cupboard to reach behind the door frame and thus lock the door.

Quarter turn: housing - insert - cam

The standard Quarter turn or cam lock consists of a housing which is inserted into the hole in the door leaf (cut out) and fastened on the inside of the cabinet by a nut, as well as an insert and the cam. The cam of the quarter turn is mounted with a ratchet screw on the insert which is guided through the housing. The insert, which EMKA offers in numerous variants and materials, transmits the rotary movement of the key inside the cabinet to the locking cam. The cam of the quarter turn is thus turned by at least 90° behind the cabinet frame and locks the latch and thus the door of the cabinet. This movement of the latch cam is what gives the quarter turn its name, as it rubs against the frame inside the cabinet and thus holds the door in the cabinet frame.


Unique variety of Quarter turns

EMKA offers this simple quarter turn in a unique product variety. Whether in the standard version of the cam lock, as a special part for special requirements or with individual properties according to customer wishes: EMKA's unparalleled depth of production means that all conceivable variants of quarter turns are available.

  • Quarter turns with special IP protection against dust and water (up to IP 69K)
  • Quarter turns with earthing nut for protection against electrical charge
  • Safety quarter turns for particularly high-vibration environments
  • Compression latches to pull the door firmly into the door frame by additional compression
  • Clip quarter turn for tool-free installation in seconds
  • Lockable cylinder quarter turns or quarter turns for padlocks
  • Quarter turns with more than 100 different insert, toggle-, L- or T-handles

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