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Swinghandles are classic locking mechanisms for various industrial applications, e.g. server and control cabinets. EMKA, as a leading manufacturer of locking technology, offers a comprehensive range of swinghandles that are characterized by user-friendly operation and high security. Whether in switch cabinet construction, mechanical engineering or in demanding outdoor areas - our swinghandles are equipped for every challenge.


What is a swinghandle?

The swinghandle is a classic locking mechanism that is primarily used in switch, control and server cabinets. Its design is similar to that of a cam latch, but differs in that it has an extended lever. This makes it possible to achieve a significantly higher torque, which is particularly useful when additional force is required, for example to press doors firmly against seals.

In addition to the handle device, which allows the cabinet to be opened and closed, the pivot lever can be fitted with an additional locking mechanism. Various solutions can be used for the locking mechanism itself, e.g. simple key systems.

Electromechanical swinghandles are also a frequently used solution for convenient and reliable access control. In this version, the swinghandle serves purely as a hardware interface that can be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems (biometric procedures, RFID readers, etc.).

Our Topseller

The Swinghandle with Cap and Locking Set is designed for use with a profile half cylinder of 40 mm (A = 30 mm).

Constructed from Polyamide GF in a sleek black finish, this product, identified by the article number 1325-U2-01, is part of Program 1325 and is featured on Catalogue Page 3BA-220. While its availability is contingent on specific requests, it offers a versatile and secure solution for applications requiring a swing handle with cap and locking set.

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Swinghandle with cap and locking set for profile half cylinder 
40 mm (A = 30 mm), Polyamide GF black; 1325-U2-01

The advantages of EMKA swinghandle locks

EMKA swinghandle locks combine efficient functionality with excellent ease of use. Thanks to their simple handling and intuitive operation, our swinghandles offer an optimum solution for fast and secure access control. This makes them particularly attractive for industrial sectors where time and reliability are of the essence.

Our swinghandles are made of high-quality materials such as GD-Zn, polyamide and stainless steel, which makes them highly resistant to environmental influences and mechanical stresses.

Swinghandles for various areas of application

EMKA swinghandeles are widely used in various industrial sectors. These include

·         Switch cabinet and control cabinet construction

·         Mechanical engineering

·         Rail vehicles and railroads

·         Commercial vehicles and trucks

·         Food industry and medical technology

·         Outdoor area, distribution cabinets, telecommunications cabinets

This diversity underlines the flexibility and adaptability of our swinghandle locks.

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EMKA: Your partner for locking systems

EMKA's range of swinghandles is diverse and specially designed to meet a wide range of requirements. Our range includes:

·         Swinghandles within the sealing: These are ideal for applications where seal integrity is critical. They provide additional protection against environmental influences and ensure secure locking.

·         Swinghandles outside the sealing: Designed for situations where the sealing must not be compromised by the swinghandle. These swinghandle latches offer flexibility and are easily accessible.

·         Swinghandles for smal bending areas: These are particularly suitable for applications where space is limited. They enable efficient use of the available space while guaranteeing reliable function.

·         Swinghandles with resistance class RC2 / WK2: Developed for applications with increased security requirements. They offer additional protection against attempted break-ins and are ideal for sensitive areas.

Each swinghandle is carefully designed to meet the specific requirements of these different applications.

EMKA stands for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. In addition to swinghandles, we offer a wide range of locking technology, including lift handles, electromechanical locking systems, heavy duty locking systems, escutcheons and extensive accessories. Rely on EMKA to find high-quality, reliable and secure locking systems for your specific requirements.

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