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Hygienic Locking System for Food Industry and Medical Engineering

Particularly for sensitive environments in the food and medical sector, where there is a high demand for cleanliness and sterility, EMKA has developed clever solutions to integrate flaps, cabinets and corresponding closures in a contemporary and functional Hygienic Design. Always in view: The strict requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industry. A prerequisite are correspondingly processed stainless steel components, which EMKA develops in its own technology centre and subsequently manufactures itself.

EMKA Hygiene Programm

Smooth surfaces without edges, undercuts and dead spaces - this is the main requirement of food and pharmaceutical producers for reliable locking technology with guaranteed hygiene.

In addition, the products used should be able to withstand the jet of a high-pressure cleaner to enable efficient "Cleaning in Place". EMKA quarter-turns and compression latches combine this functionality with attractive design.

The prerequisite for this are appropriately processed stainless steel components, which EMKA develops in its own technology centre and subsequently manufactures itself.


Hygiene programm officially EHEDG-certified

EMKA first supplier on the market

The hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries are continually increasing – and with them the need for locking technology that meets these requirements and is certified in the best case. Therefore, EMKA has optimised its hygiene quarter turn lock according to the design specifications of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) – and it did so with success. After the DGUV approval, EMKA has now received the corresponding EHEDG certification – for EL Class I AUX. This involves components in open processes that are cleaned with liquid without disassembly.

Strong demand for certified hygiene locking solutions

Customers increasingly requested the EHEDG certification. EMKA is thus the first supplier on the market to have this accreditation. This is a clear competitive advantage over many other commercially available closures for use in the food industry. The fact that EHEDG is in a worldwide exchange with American organisations such as NSF and 3-A concerning their specifications proves the hygienic and cleanable design and technology of EMKA locking mechanism technology also on an international level.


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Outstanding competitive advantage

Benchmark Hygiene Quarter Turn

The core product of the EMKA hygiene program is the hygiene quarter turn. For example, it withstands the jet of a high-pressure cleaner and thus enables an efficient “Cleaning in Place”. It is completed by a unique compression latch and a hygiene key which completely eliminates metallic abrasion.

The prerequisite for this is ­appropriately processed stainless steel components which EMKA develops in its Technology Centre, then manufactures itself and proceeds with comprehensive tests in its laboratory.

The standard of tomorrow!

You have special demands? Together, let's make a product out of it!

In addition to our newly developed and enhanced locking solutions, we complement our product portfolio with innovative locking systems, special hinges, gasketings and special solutions, thus responding to the current requirements of the market. EMKA already has the trends that will become the standard tomorrow!

New products for clean and hygienic working areas

In addition to the stainless steel locks and handles, EMKA off ers the matching hinges for the locking system as well as a wide range of silicone and NBR gaskets in the extended program. Locks, handles, hinges and gaskets are available as catalogue goods, but are also tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

Quater turn for hygienic areas with seal

Our quarter turns, compression latches and handles are constructed in "Hygienic Design" and are made of mirror-polished, stainless steel. The rounded shapes ensure that the surfaces are easy to clean and therefore no dirt, bacteria or viruses can accumulate on the locks.

Compression latch for hygienic areas with spring and seal

The compression latch for hygienic areas meets the hygiene requirement acc. to DIN EN 1672-2, DIN EN 14159 and DIN EN 61373. This article can achieve complete IP69K on request with a sleeve nut with seal, not only from outside to inside (mostly standard), but also within the application. The compression latch is designed to be vibration-proof as such.


Hygienic hinges that got the knack of it!

Hinges play a decisive role in hygiene-intensive work areas. For a hygienic design in a hygienic environment, it is particularly important that the hinge is mounted inside the door, in the non-visible area.

Hinges from EMKA with exact geometry and matching pivot point contribute to the fact that no abrasion occurs and the seal cannot warp in the direction of door movement.

FDA-compliant seals made to measure

Seals for hygiene working-areas

Seals for clean and hygienic working areas in the food industry are made of silicone or NBR. The compounds used at EMKA are compliant with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

We offer numerous assembly possibilities for the known profiles in fixed lengths. For frames and rings the butt and corner joints can be glued, film vulcanised or realised by injection moulding (formed corners / end feeds). For frames and rings the butt and corner joints can be glued, film vulcanised or realised by injection moulding (formed corners / end feeds).

The appropiate sealing technology is developed in dialogue:

Just contact us!

Security and cleanliness with electronic access control

Electronic locking systems in a cleaning-intensive environment? At first sight this does not really fit together. At second glance, the use of electronic locking solutions makes all the more sense.

EMKA's electronic locking solutions are all located inside the door and are therefore protected against moisture and dampness. External cleaning is simplified, because where before there was a visible lock, with the electronic locking solutions "ePush Lock" and the "single point latch" from EMKA only a smooth surface is visible.

The electronic cam locks connects a mechanical opening by means of a quarter turn or  compression  latch  with  the  internal  electronics  and  provides  a  further  security  barrier  in  addition to the matching key.


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