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Adjustable hinges

With their adjustment range, adjustable hinges enable precise and optimum alignment of the connecting parts to each other. Some hinges are aligned during installation, while other hinges can still be fine-tuned afterwards. The ideal alignment guarantees optimum function and durability and also ensures a high-quality appearance thanks to the precision fit. 

Advantages of adjustable hinges

Adjustable hinges offer significant added value compared to traditional hinges. Their adjustable nature allows doors and flaps to be precisely aligned, which is particularly advantageous for complex installations. The ability to adjust the hinge after installation ensures a perfect fit and flawless function. They also contribute to the longevity of the construction, as misalignment and the resulting wear and tear are avoided.

Adjustable hinges - product diversity from EMKA

EMKA offers a wide range of adjustable hinges, including 2D and 3D hinges with opening angles from 90° to 180°. These hinges allow two-dimensional or three-dimensional adjustment, achieving precise alignment in different planes. Manufactured from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, steel, GD-Zn and polyamide, they guarantee reliability and a long service life.

Adjustable hinges for every customer requirement

Adjustable hinges from EMKA are used in various areas. They are ideal for industrial switch cabinet and housing construction, both for single and modular cabinets with single or double doors. The materials used, such as stainless steel and steel, offer robustness and resistance to external influences, while GD-Zn and polyamide are used for specific requirements.

EMKA - your partner for innovative hinge technology

As the market leader in the field of hinges and locking systems, EMKA stands for quality and innovation. In addition to adjustable hinges, EMKA offers other high-quality products such as hinges for surface-mounted doors, hinges for flush doors, detachable hinges with captive pin, friction hinges, pin hinges and spring hinges. This variety of products underlines EMKA's expertise and offers customers individual solutions for every requirement.

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