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Cam locks & quarter turn locks

Cam locks are a simple way of locking a door securely. A door in industrial cabinet construction is usually hinged to the door frame on one side using one or more hinges, while it can be locked on the other side using a latch in the door frame. These simple latches are called cam locks or quarter turn locks. By simply turning an actuator or a locking cylinder from the outside, they allow the locking tongue on the inside of the cabinet to engage behind the door frame and thus lock the door.


How does a quarter turn lock work?

As standard, quarter turn locks consist of a housing that is inserted into the hole in the door leaf (cut-out) and fastened on the inside of the cabinet with a nut, as well as an actuator and the locking tongue. The actuator, which EMKA offers in numerous variants and materials, transmits the rotary movement from the outside to the inside of the cabinet onto the locking tongue. The tongue of the reamer is thus rotated by at least 90° behind the cabinet frame and locks the latch and thus the door of the cabinet. This movement of the latch tongue gives the quarter turn lock its name.

Unique variety of cam locks

EMKA offers this simple cam locks in a unique variety of products. Whether as a standard quarter turn latch, as a special part for special requirements or with individual properties according to customer specifications: EMKA's unparalleled production depth means that all conceivable variants are available.

·         Cam locks with actuation

·         Cam locks with handle

·         Cam locks with cylinder

·         Cam locks for assembly without tools

·         Cam locks for padlock

·         Security Cam locks

·         Compression latches

Our Topseller

The Safety Quarter Turn Square 8 with Mask is a product designed for safety applications.

It is made from zinc die, chrome-plated for enhanced durability, and features an earthing nut for additional safety measures.

Identified by the article number 1000-U818-03IA, this product is part of Program 1000 and is listed on Catalogue Page 1B-332.

While its availability is subject to specific requests, it provides a secure and reliable solution, emphasizing safety considerations for various applications.

Find the product on the EMKA online catalogue

Safety quarter turn square 8 with mask,

Zinc die chrome-plated; 1000-U818-03IA

Variety of materials for all requirements

The materials for all cam locks are carefully selected to guarantee durability and functionality. The materials used include:

·         GD-Zn (die-cast zinc): Economy and robustness

·         Steel: Robustness and durability

·         Stainless steel: Resistance to corrosion and high strength

·         Plastic (polyamide): Lightweight and corrosion resistance

This variety of materials ensures that the quarter turn latches function reliably in different environments and under different conditions. Different materials can also be combined with each other to suit the application (e.g. as a hybrid of stainless steel and aluminum).

Cam locks & quarter turn latches: Versatile areas of application

Cam latches are a key component in industrial enclosure and housing construction and are used in a wide range of applications. Their robust and reliable design makes them the ideal choice for switch cabinets, control cabinets and server cabinets. In addition, cam locks are of crucial importance in a wide range of industries, such as mechanical engineering, data centers, telecommunications, rail vehicle construction, commercial vehicles and trucks, air conditioning technology, medical technology and the food industry. Their versatile nature and adaptability to specific requirements make them an indispensable element in industrial locking systems.

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