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Edge protection profiles

When it comes to occupational safety and load securing, edge protection profiles are in particularly high demand. Whether in logistics companies, in freight forwarding, in production and storage facilities - they are used everywhere to prevent damage to people and products. All too quickly, sharp-edged metal sheets or pallets can become a hazard - so ensure optimum protection in advance with self-clamping edge protection profiles from EMKA.

What safety does edge protection offer?

You don't want to take any risks when loading, unloading or transporting your products? Edge protection rubber profiles help you to secure your load without damaging it. Edge protection under a lashing strap prevents the strap from causing damage to the sensitive load, while also protecting the lashing strap itself in the case of sharp-edged materials. Cellular rubber as an anti-slip solution provides additional safety during transportation.

But damage to furniture, vehicles, goods, production machines etc. can also be prevented with the practical edge protectors if they are attached to sharp-edged corners or edges of the objects in question. This increases work safety, reduces repair costs, secures internal routes and protects your employees from injury.

Protective profiles for edges offer these benefits at a glance:

·         Protection of employees from sharp-edged corners and edges

·         Load securing without damage

·         Operational and occupational safety

·         Safety for transport vehicles, furniture, goods and machines

What makes EMKA edge protection profiles special?

In addition to sealing profiles, such as clamping profiles with filler or clip-on sealing profiles, our range includes high-quality edge protection rubber profiles in various designs, which also offer the right model for your area of application. Our edge protection made from the fire protection material EPDM comply with DIN EN 45545-2 and therefore meet the fire protection requirements for rail vehicles. Our PVC clamping profiles, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for sensitive and fragile transport goods due to their light weight.

Our EMKA edge protection profiles are self-clamping and can therefore be easily attached to the object to be protected. The clamping range varies from 1 to 7 cm, so that even particularly wide edges are optimally secured. Thanks to the different sizes and the square and round design, the edge protection can be optimally adapted to your needs.

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