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Electronic locking systems

Rack Management Systems

Card reader HID for wall / door mounting
  • The card reader HID is connected to the Access Unit 3000-U47-01 or 3000-U47-02 as an external reader and can read various contactless cards on the basis of HID and other card technologies
  • The reader has terminals and is connected to the Access Unit using a 4- core cable. The maximum cable length between the Unit and reader amounts to 10 m

  • The keypad in combination with a Locking Unit is used for locally opening selected locks by entering a PIN code 
  • In combination with the Access Unit the lock number is entered via the keypad while the transponder card receives the authentication
  • Alternatively a two-factor authentication for opening a lock is possible in this constellation (personal PIN code + card)

Locking System Unit with Reed Contact Switch
  • This set is activated via a Locking Unit 3000-U11-XX
  • This set is used for opening spring-loaded handles. It is used instead of a mechanical push button or locking cylinder set
                        Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
                        3000-87Transponder cards 125 kHz0,0058 kg501
                        3000-88Transponder cards 13,56 MHz0,0057 kg11X
                        3000-U08-01Operating Module Keypad (BOX)0,2045 kg11

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