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Technical Data

  • Number of machines: 20 altogether
  • Series production: 100 – 100.000 piece
  • Turned part diameter: Ø 2 – Ø 65 mm
  • turned part length: 5 – 300 mm off the peg
  • materials: plastic, zinc, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • producer: Pfiffner, Index, Traub, Ergomat
  • 4 axis machining, driven tools, multi-edge beating, simultaneous processing with up to 16 tools, Dimensional accuracy up to H7 (0.02 mm) without reworking, no protruding cutting

At EMKA a wide range of different CNC controlled turning lathes, multi-spindle automatic lathes as well as revolving machines with several work stations process individual parts made of various materials to produce the most complicated components combined in an entire unit.