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Compression latch ‘Double Red’ with or without visual opening indicators for storage cases

Program 1000

CAD Info

Latches and handles

Product description:

The compression latch has two optical opening indicators. These consist of the indicator of the clip-in cylinder and the second indicator for the position of the handle. In case the opening indicator on the sleev and the clip-in cylinder is visible, the compression latch is unlocked. The same is true for the opening indicator between handle and housing. In case the opening indicator is visible, the compression latch is compressed.


The Basic versions are the new, cost-optimized variants of the compression latch, which do without the optic opening indicators. In addition to the basic variant in ECO black, a UV-stabilized variant in white is also available.

Tamper and vibration proof

The compression latch is vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373. Depending on the installation location and operational conditions, specific checks are necessary
and/or supplementary measures of fastening required.

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-11Cam0,03106 kg1700X1000-111000-11
1000-12Cam0,0306 kg1700X1000-121000-12
1000-13Cam0,027 kg1800X1000-131000-13
1000-14Cam0,02672 kg1450X1000-141000-14
1000-15Cam0,026 kg1500X1000-151000-15
1000-16Cam0,0254 kg1500X1000-161000-16
1000-17Cam0,0266 kg1500X1000-171000-17
1000-18Cam0,02552 kg1500X1000-181000-18
1000-19Cam0,0261 kg1500X1000-191000-19
1000-20Cam0,0267 kg1500X1000-201000-20
1000-21Cam0,0266 kg1450X1000-211000-21
1000-22Cam0,0279 kg1700X1000-221000-22
1000-25Cam0,0343 kg1600X1000-251000-25
1000-26Cam0,0306 kg1700X1000-261000-26
1000-27Cam0,0258 kg1500X1000-271000-27
1000-28Cam0,03 kg1400X1000-281000-28
1000-50Cam0,0273 kg1400X1000-501000-50
1000-51Cam0,033 kg1600X1000-511000-51
1000-52Cam0,03285 kg1600X1000-521000-52
1000-53Cam0,03675 kg1500X1000-531000-53
1000-54Cam0,036 kg1500X1000-541000-54
1000-112Cam0,0302 kg1700X1000-1121000-112
1000-113Cam0,0281 kg1400X1000-1131000-113
1000-SU853Double Red Basic ECO black version System 30,14709 kg5000100
1000-SU853-01Double Red Basic white version System 30,14715 kg500050
1000-U866-02Double Red witch visual opening indicators version System 20,14982 kg5000501000-U866-021000-U866-02
1000-U866-03Double Red witch visual opening indicators version System 30,14808 kg150X
9850-U100Clip-in cylinder system 3 zinc die chromated with stainless steel cap0,04646 kg1001
9850-U101Clip-in cylinder system 3 zinc die chromated with stainless steel cap0,0435 kg1001