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HVAC Compression Latch-Hinge with or without pressure relief

Program 1091


Further information/CAD

Air conditioning applications

Product benefits
  • When the door is closed, the latch is adjustable (3 mm) to achieve perfect alignment
  • Compression (5 mm) with low opening & closing force
  • Door or panel can be removed by unlatching the
  • handles on both sides
  • 3D adjustable
  • Latch-Hinge can be mounted as one piece with the door in place
  • Right or left hinged
  • Hinge 180° opening angle
  • Available with or without pressure relief
  • Patented
  • ATEX compliant explosion protection version available on request
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1091-U146Compression Latch-Hinge without pressure relief0,33936 kg5050X1091-U1461091-U146
1091-U147Compression Latch-Hinge with pressure relief0,33936 kg5050X1091-U1471091-U147
1091-U150Compression Latch-Hinge keyes 9081, without pressure relief0,36791 kg5050
1091-U151Compression Latch-Hinge keyed 9081, with pressure relief0,36791 kg5050
1091-U154Compression Latch-Hinge keyed different, without pressure relief0,33614 kg5050
1091-U155Compression Latch-Hinge keyed different, with pressure relief0,33614 kg5050