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Încuietoare de compresiune

Program 1000


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Design of a compression latch for small mounting spaces.
With a housing height of 18 mm the compression latch is suitable for door gauges from 1.2 up to 8 mm. Suitable on doors and hatches exposed to high vibration; shock tested according to DIN EN 61373Direct replacement of standard quarter turns is possible.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-U852-PH Încuietoare de compresiune, Pătrat 8 cu săgeată 0,07 kg 1 200 X 1000-U852-PH 1000-U852-PH 1000-U852-PH 1000-U852-PH
1000-U853-PH Încuietoare de compresiune, Triunghiular 8 0,072 kg 1 150 X 1000-U853-PH 1000-U853-PH 1000-U853-PH 1000-U853-PH
1000-U854-PH Încuietoare de compresiune, Dublu bit 3 0,074 kg 1 1 X 1000-U854-PH 1000-U854-PH 1000-U854-PH 1000-U854-PH
1000-U855-PH Încuietoare de compresiune, Dublu bit 5 0,0744 kg 1 1 X 1000-U855-PH 1000-U855-PH 1000-U855-PH 1000-U855-PH
1000-U856-PH Încuietoare de compresiune 0,072 kg 1 150 X 1000-U856-PH 1000-U856-PH 1000-U856-PH 1000-U856-PH
1000-U859-PH Compression latch, Square 7 mm with arrow 0,0709 kg 500 1 1000-U859-PH 1000-U859-PH
1000-U864-PH Încuietoare de compresiune, Triunghiular 7 0,0711 kg 1 1 X 1000-U864-PH 1000-U864-PH