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Cuartos de vuelta para candado

Programa 1000


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This page contains articles by following specifications

Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches for big door gauges

Cuartos de vuelta

Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-U429-01 Quarter turn 0,11727 kg 1 250 X 1000-U429-01 1000-U429-01
1000-U429-01PH Wing knob quarter turn for padlock 0,14031 kg 1 150 X 1000-U429-01PH 1000-U429-01PH
1000-U436 Housing with nut 0,08768 kg 1 1 1000-U436
1000-U437 Housing with nut 0,09502 kg 2000 1 1000-U437 1000-U437
1000-U438 Housing with earthnut 0,08733 kg 1 1 1000-U438 1000-U438
1000-U439 Housing 0,09467 kg 2000 1 1000-U439 1000-U439
1000-U734 Quarter turn 0,1176 kg 2000 1 1000-U734 1000-U734
1000-U735 Quarter turn 0,11725 kg 2000 1 1000-U735 1000-U735