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Embellecedores con maneta en T y L o con palomilla

Programa 1125


Further information/CAD

Article information

This page contains articles by following specifications

Swinghandles, Lifthandles and Escutcheons

Acero inox

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1123-U34-6L-Handle AISI 304 on escutechon0,33831 kg111123-U34-61123-U34-6
1123-U34-N6L-Handle AISI 304 on escutechon0,30239 kg20001
1123-U35-6L-Handle AISI 304 on escutechon0,34617 kg10001
1123-U36-6L-Handle AISI 304 on escutechon0,31157 kg111123-U36-61123-U36-6
1123-U37-6T-Handle AISI 3040,22591 kg1011123-U37-61123-U37-61123-U37-61123-U37-6
1123-U38-6T-Handle AISI 3040,25835 kg1011123-U38-61123-U38-61123-U38-61123-U38-6
1123-U38-N6T-Handle AISI 304
1123-U39-6T-Handle AISI 3040,26193 kg10001
1123-U40-6Wing knob, AISI 3040,12362 kg1011123-U40-61123-U40-61123-U40-61123-U40-6
1123-U41-6Wing knob, AISI 3040,15606 kg1011123-U41-61123-U41-61123-U41-61123-U41-6
1123-U41-N6Wing knob, AISI 304
1123-U42-6Wing knob, AISI 3040,16188 kg10001