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Compression Handles with adjustable Cams

Program 1000

Further information/CAD

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Latches and handles

Tamper and vibration proof
The compression latch is designed to be vibration-proof as such.
Depending on the installation location and the operational conditions, specific tests and/or

supplementary measures of fastening are necessary.

On request: Stainless steel version

Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-U784 Compression latch 0,239 kg 100 1 1000-U784 1000-U784
1000-U785 Compression latch 0,22971 kg 100 1 1000-U785 1000-U785
1000-U787 Compression latch 0,281 kg 100 1 1000-U787 1000-U787
1000-U788 Compression latch 0,284 kg 10 1 1000-U788 1000-U788
1000-U789 Compression latch 0,194 kg 100 100 1000-U789 1000-U789
1000-U790 Compression latch 0,198 kg 100 1 1000-U790 1000-U790
1000-U791 Compression latch 0,188 kg 100 1 1000-U791 1000-U791
1000-U792 Compression latch 0,24 kg 100 1 1000-U792 1000-U792
1000-U793 Compression latch 0,275 kg 100 1 1000-U793 1000-U793