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Door locking system: 2-point-locking

Program 2004

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Latches and handles

A door locking system
■ M1 tested locking system, according to EU specification 70/387
■ two rotary latch locks to be positioned freely, hence double security
■ Automotive interior door release, zinc die chrome plated, can be positioned freely
■ Breakup assurance by exterior
handle with freewheel clutch
■ Exterior handle prepared for
clip-in cylinder
■ Emergency opening from the interior
■ ergonomically designed actuators
■ special smooth-running operation
■ low closing force, hence very quiet
■ with central locking, comfortable and secure
■ colours as per request
■ also available as M1 tested locking system with rotary latch lock
■ Interior door release with galanized surface in alu matt-finished look
■ designed for clip-in cylinder, compatible with clip-in cylinder system 3
■ optionally with positioning element for central locking
■ Bowden control and round rods Ø4 available on request
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
2004-4000-AA Slide-on cap polyamide black 0,00235 kg 1000 1
2004-4001-AA rod holder polyamide black 0,00109 kg 1000 0
2004-5060-783 Fastening clamp ployamide black
2004-8001-00 Bowden cable 0,0561 kg 300 1
2004-B8027 Strike plate St zinc plated 0,32 kg 20 1 2004-B8027 2004-B8027
2004-B8031 Rotary latch lock m.s. zinc plated 0,2963 kg 1000 100 2004-B8031 2004-B8031
2004-B8034 Strike plate St zinc plated 0,2905 kg 100 1 2004-B8034 2004-B8034
2004-B8036 Rotary latch lock m.s. zinc plated 0,2963 kg 1000 1 2004-B8036 2004-B8036
2004-B8811 Exterior handle polyamide GF black 0,2615 kg 2500 1
2004-B8825 lock shackle m.s. 0,158 kg 5000 100 2004-B8825 2004-B8825
2006-5113-PC Locking rod m.s. zinc pl. 0,03039 kg 500 0 2006-5113-PC 2006-5113-PC
5177-U201-AA Interior handle polyamide GF black 0,1052 kg 1000 150
9822-5014-JF mounting bracket m.s. zinc pl. 0,0734 kg 1000 1
9850-U100 Clip-in cylinder system 3 zinc die chromated with stainless steel cap 0,04646 kg 100 1
9850-U101 Clip-in cylinder system 3 zinc die chromated with stainless steel cap 0,0435 kg 100 1