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Frames and rings of gaskets


Further information/CAD


Frames and rings information
Readily customised frames and rings according to customer specifications

We offer numerous assembly possibilities for the known
profiles in fixed lengths.
For frames and rings the butt and corner joints can be glued, film vulcanised
or realised by injection moulding (formed corners / end feeds).
Possibly arising tool costs needs to be clarified beforehand due to the

required assembly option.

Product benefits

  • The extact and time-intensive mitre-cutting of the gasket or the observance of the given minimum bending radius of the gaskets are not necessary
  • The assembled frames and rings facilitate the mounting on doors and cabinets frames
  • No leakiness at butt ends and mitre joints


The most simple process is to glue two profile ends.
For all rings, vent holes are strongly recommended as the compression
force increases in a closed ring.
A better solution to glueing two profiles is film vulcanization.