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Quarter turn for quick mounting

Program 1022


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Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches for big door gauges

Quarter turns

Product description
  • Assembly and disassembly without tools
  • Product consists of insert unit plus locking lug
  • self-sealing design
  • Acoustical and visual check while latching of the snap-in pin
  • Suitable for versions LH/RH
  • Suitable for door gauges including surface coating 0.5 mm up to 2.0 mm
  • Standard cut-out 1022 programme
  • Completely made of PA6 GF30
  • Different cam heights available (Heights = 7.5/13.5/19.5 mm)
The basic principle of the patented solution is: the higher the closing force, the better the tightness. The IP rating IP 69K was achieved in the test with a cam pretension of ≥ 1 mm and ≥ 65 N
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1022-54-01Snap-in pin 7.50,0068 kg11X1022-54-011022-54-01
1022-54-02Snap-in pin 13.50,0072 kg11X1022-54-021022-54-02
1022-54-03Snap-in pin 19.50,0079 kg11X1022-54-031022-54-03
1022-55-01Snap-in pin 7.50,00688 kg11X1022-55-011022-55-01
1022-55-02Snap-in pin 13.50,00715 kg11X1022-55-021022-55-02
1022-55-03Snap-in pin 19.50,00799 kg11X1022-55-031022-55-03
1022-56-01Snap-in pin 7.50,00695 kg11X1022-56-011022-56-01
1022-56-02Snap-in pin 13.50,00722 kg11X1022-56-021022-56-02
1022-56-03Snap-in pin 19.50,00807 kg11X1022-56-031022-56-03
1022-U89Insert part square 60,00327 kg11X1022-U891022-U89
1022-U90Insert part Triangular 6.50,0035 kg11X1022-U901022-U90
1022-U91Insert part Slot 1.5 x 30,00339 kg11X1022-U911022-U91

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