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Program 1004


Further information/CAD

This page contains articles by following specifications

Accessories for Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches

Accessories for Control cabinets and Fixing material


As a special product for customers of the railway sector we developed the so-called key „Bundesbahn“. It fits with all typical „Bundesbahn“-inserts. The key is internationally well-established at companies of the railway sector.The key is available in GD-Zn or stainless steel (page 8C-320).
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1004-01Key 0,0513 kg1350X
1004-02Key0,04572 kg1350X1004-021004-02
1004-03Key 0,046 kg1350X
1004-04Key0,05079 kg1350X1004-041004-04
1004-05Key 0,0432 kg1350X1004-051004-05
1004-06Key0,04463 kg1350X1004-061004-06
1004-17Key 0,04434 kg1350X1004-171004-17
1004-18Key0,04886 kg1350X
1004-19Key 0,0458 kg1450X1004-191004-19
1004-20Key0,02613 kg1700X1004-201004-20
1004-21Key 0,027 kg1700X1004-211004-21
1004-24Key0,05768 kg1250X1004-241004-24
1004-26Key 0,049 kg1350X
1004-29Key0,05419 kg1350X
1004-30Key0,055 kg1350X
1004-31Key 0,05305 kg1300X1004-311004-31
1004-33Key0,00638 kg12300X1004-331004-33
1004-34Key0,0068 kg12300X1004-341004-34
1004-35Key PA0,0085 kg12000X1004-351004-35
1004-36Key PA0,00867 kg12000X1004-361004-36
1004-37Key PA0,0089 kg11X1004-371004-37
1004-38Key PA0,0087 kg12000X1004-381004-38
1004-39Key PA0,0088 kg12000X1004-391004-39
1004-41Key PA0,02288 kg1600X
1004-42Key PA0,05568 kg1300X1004-421004-42
1004-48Universal key0,0175 kg1700X1004-481004-48
1004-49Key PA0,0531 kg1350X
1004-51Key for tube0,0246 kg200011004-511004-51
1004-52Key0,0901 kg1250X1004-521004-52
1004-54Key0,0562 kg20001