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Locking Solutions for Switch and Control Cabinets

The demand for (electro-)mechanical locking solutions is growing - at the latest since the protection of data and goods in general has become more and more important. (Electronic) closures for switch and control cabinets offer a high level of protection against unwanted access, especially in industrial environments. EMKA offers a wide portfolio of solutions for this area.

When it comes to locking solutions for switch cabinets and control cabinets, there is no way around EMKA.

We seal switch and control cabinets in 52 countries with our locking systems and provide the appropriate hinges. Let us convince you of our expertise!

We have been developing innovations in series production for over 40 years and have repeatedly been awarded as world market leader for locking solutions, hinges and gaskets in the field of switch and control cabinets. Around the world, more than 30,000 companies in the switch and control cabinet construction industry rely on our innovative multi-point locking systems. Our products can be found in almost every industry as part of the locking solution for control cabinets.

EMKA - world market leader for locking systems in switch cabinets and control cabinets

Our locking systems characterize the way in which doors of control cabinets are locked. Our innovative multi-point locking systems are usually moved by a swing handle. When the swing handle is operated from the outside, the rotary movement is transmitted through the door leaf of the control cabinet to the rod control on the inside of the door. The rod control transfers the axial rotary movement into a vertical movement of the two rods. The rods lock the door at two or more locking points with the casing.

Matching locks and hinges for every application

In particular the switch cabinet design as a row cabinet, as a cabinet with double door or as a single cabinet has an effect on the selection of the hinges. Our hinges offer all possibilities for internal or surface mounted doors and for all desired opening angles.

You decide whether the hinge may be visible from the outside or hidden and invisible. We offer the right solution for locking inside or outside the door seal and for any type of clearances and canting spaces.

Complete locking systems from one single source

At EMKA you get a complete locking solution for your switch and control cabinets from one source: from individual quarter turns to complex multi-point locking systems and suitable hinges.

If your control cabinets need special requirements in terms of IP protection or UL ratings (against dust and water or for fire protection), you have also found the right partner for the seals in EMKA. For the quarter turns alone, over 15,000 of our products already have American UL certification. Please contact us!

In 52 countries worldwide for more than 30.000 customers

We close switch and control cabinets in 52 countries with our locking systems and provide the appropriate hinges. In our modular product range, you will find solutions with flat bars, as they are mainly installed in Europe, as well as systems with round bars, which mostly close control cabinets in America and Asia.

Modular locking system with multi-point locking

Swinghandle with hook and locking setOnline-catalogue
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Rod control for flat rodOnline-catalogue
Flat rod with double rollerOnline-catalogue
Catch for flat rod with double rollerOnline-catalogue
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Handles and escutcheons for modular locking systems



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Locking setsOnline-catalogue



Hinges for prominent DoorOnline-catalogue
Hinges for flush DoorOnline-catalogue
Hinges toolless lift-Off, with Captive PinOnline-catalogue
Torque HingesOnline-catalogue
Adjustable HingesOnline-catalogue
Pin HingesOnline-catalogue
Spring loaded Hinges, with Weight CompensationOnline-catalogue


Sealing Profiles and Edge Protection

Clip-On ProfilesOnline-catalogue
Plug-In ProfilesOnline-catalogue
Edge ProtectionOnline-catalogue
Cell Sponge RubberOnline-catalogue
Clamping Profiles with stripOnline-catalogue
Window Rubber ProfilesOnline-catalogue
Sealing Profiles for special SectorsOnline-catalogue


Quarter Turn

Quarter Turn Lock with insertOnline-catalogue
Quarter Turn Lock with HandleOnline-catalogue
Quarter Turn Lock with CylinderOnline-catalogue
Quarter Turn Lock for Assembly without ToolsOnline-catalogue
Quarter Turn Lock for PadlockOnline-catalogue
Safety Quater Turn LocksOnline-catalogue
Compression LatchOnline-catalogue


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