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Locking Solutions for the Railroad Industry

Particularly in trains there are special requirements for safety - even in the smallest detail. For example, the regulations on fire protection according to DIN EN 45545 play a major role for the railway industry. In this area EMKA provides its railway customers with complete systems consisting of closures, hinges, sealing and accessories which comply with the sectors' standards. In addition, there are seals for the interior and exterior area, which are integrated in a well thought-out closure programme for the railway industry.

EMKA offers a comprehensive product range of locking solutions for the railway sector from one single source. Our portfolio is characterized by its modular design, versatility and high quality. The highest standards are guaranteed by excellent manufacturing know-how and by our certified process controll according to ISO 9001.

EMKA set the benchmark for the railway sector, especially correponding to the relevant standards such as EN 45545 „railway applications – fire protection of railway vehicles“.

The wide product range of EMKA comprises outdoor as well as indoor applications for railway vehicles. Well-known manufacturers such as Alstom, Bombadier, Siemens, Stadler, Voith or Vossloh have been among our customers for many years.



Highest quality for locking solutions of the railroad industry

EMKA - Partner of the railroad sector

As a long-time system-partner of the railroad industry EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative products.

EMKA's locking solutions for railroad ​stand ​out ​due ​to ​its ​modular​ structure, ​versatility ​and ​high ​quality. ​The ​EMKA ​locking​ systems​ comply ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ railroad sector ​and ​meet ​the​ relevant ​standards. ​In ​addition,​ EMKA provides individual special solutions that arise in dialogue with the customer.

Compression latch with flap and optical opening indicator​

  • Visual opening indicator clearly visible due to 90° open flap when uncompressed​
  • The flap closes automatically when compressed​ Integrated dust cap​
  • The flat seal cushions the flap and prevents damages to the door​
  • Standard cut out program 1500​
  • Patented​​
Compression latch with flap and optical opening indicatorOnline-catalogue
Cams without catchesOnline-catalogue

Quarter turn railway

  • In conformity with RIC
  • Outside the gasketing
  • Cam and catch available in zinc die or AISI 316
  • 25 mm door return
Quarter turn railwayOnline-catalogue


Compression Latch Railway Version with Opening Indicator

  • Insert and head sharpened and high polished available
  • Tamper and vibration proof
  • RH and LH version
  • Red-green marking
  • Can be combined with dust cap
Compression latch with opening indicatorOnline-catalogue
Cams with catchesOnline-catalogue


90° 3D Hinge

  • Space-optimized, solid hinge for vehicle rampsand flaps
  • Economic structure and design
  • Integrated 3D adjustment with comfortable settings by eccentric discs
  • Right and left usable
  • Concealed hinge with low mounted height
  • For commercial vehicles
  • Opening angle 90°
90° 3D HingeOnline-catalogue

180° Gear hinge

  • High quality gear hinge
  • Economic structure and design
  • Compact construction
  • Concealed, not visible
  • 180° opening angle
  • Right and left usable
  • For doors / flaps up to 40 kg (4 hinges)
  • System related, small clearance
  • Fixing function optional
  • Maintenance-free
  • Patented
180° Gear hingeOnline-catalogue

Safety latch lock with marking

  • Tamper and vibration proof
  • Flush-mounted assembly
  • IP65
  • Red-green marking
​Safety latch lock with markingOnline-catalogue

Escutcheon with cover

  • Protective housing and cover made of stainless steel AISI 316
  • Resistant to non-oxidizing acids
  • Resistant to pitting corrosion
  • Particularly suitable for outer pannelling
  • With foamed sealings
  • Spring-loaded flap with latching
  • Surface with electrolytic polishing
  • IP66 is achieved by pressing the flap into the latching
Escutcheon with coverOnline-catalogue


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