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Locking Solutions for System of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

The ventilation and air-conditioning industry (HVARC) is one of the most important industries for EMKA. For this reason, the closure expert is constantly developing its portfolio for this sector and optimising its separate sector range to meet the requirements of its customers. Among other things EMKA offers handle systems for air conditioning systems. Furthermore, closure hinges in several variants. And much more ...

A complete locking solution from one single source: EMKA does not only provide outstanding HVACR locking solutions and specialised hinges but also every kind of gasket. Our HVACR systems stand out due to their modular structure, versatility and high quality.

Our solutions comply with the special requirements of the HVCAR sector and meet the relevant standards such as DIN EN 1886 or VDI 6022. Additionaly, we develop trailblazing locking innovations that arise in dialogue with our customers.


Highest quality for ventilation and air-conditioning system

EMKA - Partner of the HVCAR sector

As a long-time system-partner of the HVACR industry EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative products.

EMKA's locking solutions for HVACR-systems ​stand ​out ​due ​to ​its ​modular​ structure, ​versatility ​and ​high ​quality. ​The ​EMKA ​locking​ systems​ comply ​with​ the​ special ​requirements​ of ​the​ sector ​and ​meet ​the​ relevant ​standards. ​In ​addition,​ EMKA provides individual special solutions that arise in dialogue with the customer.

New products for HVACR systems at a glance​

Whether locks, handles, hinges or gaskets for diverse applications: EMKA products always stand for maximum safety and reliability. As a long-time system partner of the HVACR industry EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative products like our modular locking system, our compression latch-hinges or our inspection windows with undetachable foamed seals.

Modular locking system​

  • New modular handle with an innovative design​
  • Suitable for doors opening inwards and outwards​
  • Suitable for various door thicknesses (25 - 110 mm)​
  • Fits 2 standard cut outs (13 mm, 19 mm)​
  • Variety of locking options (round cylinder, blind plug, square insert, further inserts on request)​
  • Roller Cam with adjustable clamping load​
  • Adjustable eccentric roller​
  • Removable handle during transport​
  • Meets the industry-specific national and international standards​
  • Conforms with the entire EMKA range​
  • Material: Polyamide with 30% glass filled (VDI 6022 / ISO 846 compliant materials)​
  • Air Tightness class L1-L3 possible​
  • Protected design​
External handleOnline-catalogue
Shaft unitOnline-catalogue
Conical roller camOnline-catalogue
Interior handleOnline-catalogue

Compression Latch-Hinge suitable for different doors sizes

  • Combination of a hinge and a lock in only one product
  • Door or panel can be removed by unlatching the handles on both sides​
  • Especially suitable for large, medium-sized or smaller doors
  • Hinge function with 180° opening angle​
  • When the door is closed, the latch is adjustable (3 mm) to achieve perfect alignment​
  • The favourable pivot point of the handle makes a seal compression of 5 mm possible using low actuation forces​
  • 3D adjustable (tolerance compensation)​
  • Latch hinge can be mounted as one piece with the door / flap in place​
  • Right or left hinged​
  • Optional: HVACR Compression Latch-Hinge available with safety feature “pressure relief”​
  • VDI 6022 / ISO 846 compliant materials on the inside of the door​
  • ATEX compliant explosion protection version available on request​
  • Patented​
Latch-Hinge in different sizesOnline-catalogue
Emergency opening for large doorsOnline-catalogue


Surface mounted modular door lock with internal handle

  • New modular locking system especially for use onlarge doors (>1.6 m door height)​
  • Various inserts and handle options in combination with different cams possible (stepped cam, pressure relief cam, etc.) ​
  • System for various door thicknesses (50 mm - 60 mm)​
  • Also available as a version without inside handle​
  • VDI 6022 / ISO 846 compliant materials on the inside of the door​
Surface mounted door lockOnline-catalogue


3D-unit connector​

  • Spherical shaping allows 3D positioning with max.​ 
    X-axis​    7 mm
    Y-axis​    3 mm
    Z-axis​    5 mm
  • Fixing by M6 cylinder screws or riveted bolts possible​ Socket head screw inclusive​
  • Industry standard mounting dimensions​
  • Covering cap optionally available​
  • VDI 6022 / ISO 846 compliant materials​
3D-unit connector​Online-catalogue

Bow-type handle​

  • Ergonomic bow-type handle made of reinforced polyamide​
  • Mounting of the bow-type handle by choice. The use of cylinder head screw, hexagon head screw, countersunk screw or nuts can be accommodated, depending on the version​
  • Handle and cover are available in color and / or antibacterial version (on request)​
  • Bow-type handle also usable without cover​
  • Protected design​
Bow-type handle for
countersunk screw head M5 or blind rivet
Bow-type handle for
hexagon head screw M6
Covers for bow-type handleOnline-catalogue
More handlesOnline-catalogue

Clip-on profile according to hygiene standard VDI 6022​

  • Higher functionality when sealed with sponge rubber in the hose area​
  • Gasket does not provide any breeding ground for micro-organisms​
  • They can be cleaned easily​
  • Moisture repellent​
  • Odorless
Sealing Profiles (for HVACR)Online-catalogue

The standard of tomorrow!

In addition to our newly developed and enhanced locking solutions, we complement our product portfolio with innovative locking systems, special hinges, gasketings and special solutions, thus responding to the current requirements of the market. EMKA already has the trends that will become the standard tomorrow!

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