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Quarter turn for quick mounting

Program 1000


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Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches for big door gauges

Quarter turns

The quarter turn for quick assembly can be clipped in within a few seconds.

Product features at a glance:

  • Standard cut out 1000
  • Insert part: zamac
  • Three standard height dimensions (H) for Polyamide snap-in pins H=18, H=22 and H=24, each for four different door thickness ranges
  • Further versions of snap-in pins with regard to the height dimension on request
  • Cost saving by tool-less assembly within seconds
  • Groundprinciple of this patented solution:
    the higher the closing force, the greater the tightness
  • Snap-in pin with safety cap for better insolation of the insert
  • High IP-protection (IP 69K)
  • High safeguarding against overwinding
  • Patented

 Assembly note:

Assembly door stop on the right:
Pre-assembled insert unit is inserted into the cutout while the insert is closed. Then it is fixed by the snap-in cam.

Assembly door stop on the left:
Pre-assembled insert unit is inserted into the cutout while the insert is closed. Then it is fixed by the snap-in cam.

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-590Snap-in cam, H=18, Ts=1.0 - 1.50,01115 kg11000X1000-5901000-590
1000-591Snap-in cam, H=18, Ts=1.5 - 2.00,01109 kg11000X1000-5911000-591
1000-592Snap-in cam, H=18, Ts=2.0 - 2.50,0109 kg11000X1000-5921000-592
1000-593Snap-in cam, H=18, Ts=2.5 - 3.00,01103 kg11000X1000-5931000-593
1000-594Snap-in cam, H=22, Ts=1.0 - 1.50,0116 kg11000X
1000-595Snap-in cam, H=22, Ts=1.5 - 2.00,01169 kg11000X1000-5951000-595
1000-597Snap-in cam, H=22, Ts=2.5 - 3.00,0113 kg11000X1000-5971000-597
1000-598Snap-in cam, H=24, Ts=1.0 - 1.50,01194 kg11000X1000-5981000-598
1000-599Snap-in cam, H=24, Ts=1.5 - 2.00,0118 kg11000X1000-5991000-599
1000-600Snap-in cam, H=24, Ts=2.0 - 2.50,0117 kg11000X1000-6001000-600
1000-601Snap-in cam, H=24, Ts=2.5 - 3.00,01178 kg11000X1000-6011000-601
1000-602Snap-in cam, H=22, Ts=2.0 - 2.50,0114 kg11000X1000-6021000-602
1000-603Safety cap for snap-in cam0,00089 kg11X1000-6031000-603
1000-U902Insert unit square 70,01921 kg11X1000-U9021000-U902
1000-U903Insert unit square 80,01954 kg11X1000-U9031000-U903
1000-U904Insert unit triangular 80,0189 kg11X1000-U9041000-U904
1000-U905Insert unit double bit 30,02051 kg11X1000-U9051000-U905
1000-U907Insert unit slot 2 x 40,02265 kg11X1000-U9071000-U907
1000-U908Insert unit square 8mm with M6 thread for wing knob0,01793 kg11000X1000-U9081000-U908