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Leading ramp, self-adhesive; internal handle

Program 1000


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Accessories for Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches

Quarter turns

The frame-side leading ramp eases locking and the fixing of the cam into the locked position.
Abrasion will be completely avoided. Therefore, no corrosion occurs on the frame of the cabinet as the frame is not damaged.

The pressure on the gasket can be increased by:
  • run-up height of the ramp
  • choice of the suitable cam H-degree
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-U681 Internal handle with screw 0,01967 kg 1 1 1000-U681 1000-U681
1000-U682 Internal handle with screw 0,02123 kg 1 1 1000-U682 1000-U682
1000-U683 Internal handle with screw 0,02211 kg 1 1 1000-U683 1000-U683
1000-U684 Internal handle with screw 0,02355 kg 1 1 1000-U684 1000-U684
1000-U685 Internal handle with screw 0,02543 kg 1 1 1000-U685 1000-U685
1000-U686 Internal handle with screw 0,02591 kg 1 1 1000-U686 1000-U686
1000-u858 Frame-sided leading ramp for cams 0,00369 kg 1 1 X