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Swinghandle AGENT E Wireless

Program 3000


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The Agent E Wireless is still the only swinghandle with wireless communication. Due to its wireless an thus cost-saving mounting it is most suitable for retrofi tting in data centres.
The authentication is done via RFID cards. A highly-effi cient power management guarantees a long battery life.


■ Wireless communication for data exchange via wireless network with Access Units Wireless (industry standard depending on country regulation)

■ One Control Unit Wireless can actuate up to 1,200 handles Agent E Wireless using Access Units Wireless in one wireless network

■ The authentication can be effected by RFID cards with 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz. Remote opening is always possible in addition

■ Extremely energy-efficient battery operation (running life battery min. 3 years)

■ 4 eyes principle for authentication with 2 authorised RFID cards

■ The handle has one connection option for one door contact

■ An emergency power function is possible with the integrated USB port

■ Agent E Wireless is most suitable for retrofitting due to its wireless mounting

■ The installation in cabinets by different manufacturers is solved by means of various adapters. On request

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
3000-87Transponder cards 125 kHz0,0058 kg501
3000-88Transponder cards 13,56 MHz0,0057 kg11X
3000-U104-01Adapter-set for bearing bush0,023 kg200013000-U104-013000-U104-01
3000-U911-41AGENT E RFID Wireless with RFID 13.56 MHz for rod control or bearing bush0,3827 kg11
3000-U911-42AGENT E RFID Wireless with RFID 13.56 MHz for cam0,3947 kg11