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Swinghandle with RC2; mechanical or electromechanical release

Program 1317


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Electronic locking systems

Swinghandles, Lifthandles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Product benefits

  • The swinghandle successfully passed the test in accordance with RC2 DIN EN 1630
  • The test in accordance with protection level IK 10 following DIN EN 50102was passed successfully
  • Integrated scratch protection prevents surface damage (handle / dish)
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1004-44-01AABuilding key0,01301 kg1800X1004-44-01AA1004-44-01AA
1317-U102Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)1,11542 kg500201317-U1021317-U102
1317-U102-HJ Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)1317-U102-HJ 1317-U102-HJ
1317-U103Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)50011317-U1031317-U103
1317-U103-HJSwinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)50011317-U103-HJ1317-U103-HJ
1317-U122Swinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)1,22 kg120X1317-U1221317-U122
1317-U122-HJSwinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)1,274 kg50020
1317-U123Swinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)1,23 kg120X1317-U1231317-U123
1317-U123-HJSwinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)50020
1317-U131Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)200011317-U1311317-U131
1317-U131-HJSwinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)200011317-U131-HJ1317-U131-HJ
1317-U151-02Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)50011317-U151-021317-U151-02
1317-U151-02HJSwinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)1,4 kg5001
1317-U152-02Swinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)
1317-U152-02HJSwinghandle with RC2 "short" (164,5)
1317-U161-02Swinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)50011317-U161-021317-U161-02
1317-U161-02HJSwinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)1,498 kg5001
1317-U162-02Swinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)
1317-U162-02HJSwinghandle with RC2 "long" (189,5)