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Program 1125, 1150, 1180, 1225


Further information/CAD

Article information

This page contains articles by following specifications

Components for Swinghandles, Lift handles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-U544-23Cam with rivet pin0,04349 kg10001
1000-U544-25Cam with rivet pin0,04425 kg10001
1000-U544-27Cam with rivet pin0,04353 kg100011000-U544-271000-U544-27
1000-U544-29Cam with rivet pin0,045 kg100011000-U544-291000-U544-29
1000-U544-31Cam with rivet pin0,04685 kg100011000-U544-311000-U544-31
1000-U544-35Cam with rivet pin0,04871 kg100011000-U544-351000-U544-35
1000-U544-38Cam with rivet pin0,05011 kg100011000-U544-381000-U544-38
1000-U545-23Cam with rivet pin0,04284 kg10001
1000-U545-25Cam with rivet pin0,04442 kg100011000-U545-251000-U545-25
1000-U545-27Cam with rivet pin0,04306 kg100011000-U545-271000-U545-27
1000-U545-29Cam with rivet pin0,0466 kg100011000-U545-291000-U545-29
1000-U545-31Cam with rivet pin0,04681 kg100011000-U545-311000-U545-31
1000-U545-35Cam with rivet pin0,04671 kg100011000-U545-351000-U545-35
1000-U545-38Cam with rivet pin0,05025 kg10001
1000-U632Rod control0,02149 kg20001
1000-U661-23Cam with rivet pin0,04377 kg10001
1000-U661-25Cam with rivet pin0,04457 kg10001
1000-U661-27Cam with rivet pin0,04586 kg10001
1000-U661-29Cam with rivet pin0,04598 kg10001
1000-U661-31Cam with rivet pin0,04735 kg10001
1000-U661-35Cam with rivet pin0,04975 kg10001
1000-U661-38Cam with rivet pin0,05135 kg10001
1000-U661-40Cam with rivet pin0,05415 kg10001
1000-U662-23Cam with rivet pin0,04291 kg10001
1000-U662-25Cam with rivet pin0,04574 kg10001
1000-U662-27Cam with rivet pin0,04482 kg10001
1000-U662-29Cam with rivet pin0,04609 kg10001
1000-U662-31Cam with rivet pin0,04713 kg10001
1000-U662-35Cam with rivet pin0,04925 kg10001
1000-U662-38Cam with rivet pin0,05144 kg10001
1000-U662-40Cam with rivet pin0,05295 kg10001
1000-U663Rod control0,02221 kg111000-U6631000-U663
1107-U242-25Cam0,0445 kg90001
1107-U243-25Cam0,04526 kg90001