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Swinghandle 1154 with electromechanical release and emergency opening


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Swinghandles, Lifthandles and Escutcheons

Rack Management Systems

This handle is suitable for locking outdoor cabinets. By applying a 12 V, 24 V or 48 V DC Signal, the handle can be released. After pushing the handle briefly into the dish, it can be opened. The integrated reed contact serves as remote control of the handle Status. For locking the handle has to be pushed into the dish until the lock mechanism latches. The supplied key is used for opening the handle in case of power failure. To open the cylinder cover the screw M3 has to be removed. Then it is possible to unlock by means of round / pin cylinder.
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1154-U6Swinghandle0,977 kg10011154-U61154-U6
1154-U6-02Swinghandle1,014 kg101
1154-U6-03Swinghandle0,98 kg10001
1154-U6-03VSwinghandle0,98 kg10001
1154-U6-VSwinghandle0,00099 kg50011154-U6-V1154-U6-V1154-U6-V1154-U6-V