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Single point locking with emergency opening


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The single point locking is used in special fields of application as a lock which is invisible from the outside

The following types are available:
  • “Basic” = locking is opened by switching on the power supply and locked as soon as the door is closed again 
  • “Basic delayed Re-Lock” = locking is opened by switching on the power supply and remains in the position “open” as long as the power supply is applied
  • “Energy store” = locking opens when switching off of the power supply (alternative to magnetic locks)

  • Big supply voltage range from 9 ... 32 V 
  • Potential-free switch for remote monitoring of the handle state
  • Emergency opening possible with Bowden cable in case of power failure
  • Connection possible to Locking Unit 3000-U32-x or Access Unit 3000-U47-x; adapter cable optional
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
3000-78-01KA Catch zinc die
3000-78-PH Catch AISI 316
3000-101-AA Holder for bowden cable polyamide GF black
3000-102-JB Striker bolt zinc plated
3000-U301-01 Single point latch (Basic) 3000-U301-01 3000-U301-01
3000-U301-02 Single point latch (Basic delayed Re-Lock)
3000-U301-03 Single point latch (Energy-store)
3000-U301-04 Single point latch (Battery Backup) 3000-U301-04 3000-U301-04