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Especially designed for floor mounting: new EMKA sash fastener lock with cover


In cooperation with a customer, EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH has developed a new closure with screw cap: The sash fastener lock was especially designed for flaps and doors mounted in the floor. A purpose-designed screw cap prevents dirt, sand and small stones from accumulating inside the sash fastener. Moisture that can damage the material is also prevented from penetrating. The sophisticated stainless-steel design also precludes any aggressive corrosion.

The special screw cap contains an O-ring in the outer groove that keeps dirt and moisture away from the inside of the sash fastener. This cover complies the IP65 degree of protection and reliably prevents water jets from permeating the lock. Thus, the sash fastener can be cleaned using a high-pressure water cleaner without hesitation. This cleaning method promotes a long service life of the lock and the perfect interaction of housing, nut, screw cap and operation. The components are all made of stainless steel AISI 316 and are therefore particularly resistant to corrosion and media containing chloride.