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• The work on EN 45545 was finished in January 2012 for the time being.
• DIN EN 45545 was published in June 2013 (available from August 2013).

• The DOW (date of withdrawal) has been Extended from 6 to 36 months so that national standards, e. g. DIN 5510, are to be withdrawn by March 2016.

DIN EN 45545-2
This part stipulates the test procedures for test conditions and requirements for the reaction to fire of each Hazard Level.

Operation categories:
Operation category 1: surface vehicles
Operation category 2: tunnel max. 5 km
Operation category 3: tunnel > 5 km
Operation category 4: tunnel, evacuation from the side not possible

The gasketing has been included in DIN EN 45545 and have to meet the requirements R22 for indoors or R23 for outdoors as a function of the Hazard Level. In order to be able to define the Hazard Level, you need to know the Operation Category and Building Class, e. g. 2 (tunnel max. 5 km) D (double-decker trains)!