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Cost effective plastic closure system

A control cabinet with a door height of up to two meters and a proportionate door panel thickness usually requires a locking system with multi-point locking – if nothing else, but to ensure adequate IP protection. The built-in locking system, including the locking rod guide, is often made of metal, which makes the overall construction more expensive. With a solution made of high-performance plastic components, EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH now ensures efficient handling with optimum IP protection – and at a much lower cost.


The new EMKA solution with rod control consists of a central drive point that is operated from the outside in order to open and close the cabinet. This point activates a connecting rod outside the sealing area. The most interesting feature: for customers who value high corrosion resistance at the lowest possible cost, EMKA has now manufactured the new system with components made of high-tech plastics. In order to ensure a safe and stable rod guidance, locking holders made of polyamide were installed, in which the locking points of the rod (pastilles) engage during the closing process. These pastilles are located at several points directly on the connecting rod. If a user operates the central drive point (key plate or lever handle) from the outside, pastilles on the rod move synchronously with the drive. The proven, individually combinable design of EMKA's locking system provides customers with a choice of door locks – from a short key plate and a new long key plate to a lever handle.

Versatile and adaptable

The key labels can be equipped with any actuation (as double bit 3 in the standard version), the lever handle with a round or profile half cylinder is available as an option. Various other actuation methods in the modular program by EMKA are of course available as always. When using an adapter both the new large key escutcheon and the lever handle can be connected to the plastic rods. This offers the customer new possibilities to use reliable locking systems from the plastic range.

Due to the plastic material, the length of the connecting rods is variable and can be shortened quickly for the user. The system can thus be designed flexibly and adapted precisely to the respective control cabinet without any effort. Especially for systems outside the seal, where narrow canting spaces are required, the connecting rod made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide with the proven, individually combinable locking components from EMKA is the perfect solution. In combination with the lock holders, it meets all requirements of an ergonomic multi-point locking system. EMKA also provides lock holders and rod guides in several variants from its own production.