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Thanks to EMKA something is turning on the Golf


Dubai tourists have never seen Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Co. like this before: With the ­Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai), a new star will enrich the Persian Gulf skyline starting mid-2020. By July at the latest, the first visitors are to turn their rounds on what will then be the world’s largest Ferris wheel – and will probably be amazed by the latest technology including 4D projection. This would not be possible without customised cooling systems. To ensure the reliability of the cooling technology, the are chambers are equipped with closure solutions from EMKA.

To make the Dubai Eye not only the largest, but also the best of its kind, it needs the latest and safest technology, which will work in the long term even with an enormous rush of an estimated three million visitors a year. An EMKA client was therefore awarded the contract to supply the cooling systems for the Dubai Eye. Functioning cooling technology is essential for safe and complication-free driving operation. In particular, the cooling units must be protected against unauthorised access with high-quality locking technology. This is when EMKA comes in as vendor of extremely ­robust, long-lasting, but comfortable swivel handles.