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The general protection of the environment and the conscious use of natural resources is part of the fundamental business philosophy of EMKA. The continuous execution of planning and implementation of the production flow, as well as technical changes to the building, are all visible consequences of this environmental awareness. This approach results in the constant issuing of certification according to the international environmental management standard (DIN ISO 14001) by Germanischer Lloyd since January 2007.

„Green Production“ at EMKA

  • Solar energy plant on the roof top for water heating in the communal rooms
  • Closed coolant circulation in the plastic manufacturing
  • Reprocessing of water for the production process in zinc die casting manufacturing
  • Modernisation of the complete heating system. Individual parts of the production or office buildings can be heated by central programmable control technology
  • Further energy savings can be achieved with temperature reduction at night time and at the weekend

Download certification here

RoHS-Compliance and WEEE-Directives

Basics and requirement

The RoHS- and WEEE-directives are valid in the European Community. They rule the placing on the market and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment within the EC with regard to burden.
The EC-directive 2002/95/EG on the restriction of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment dated 27 January 2003, referred to as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), rules the concentrations of substances as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and brominated flame retardants for electrical and electronic equipment that are put into operation from the 1 July 2006 and after.
In connection with the RoHS-directive, the EC-directive 2002/96/EG dated 27 January, referred to as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), has been adopted. The priority objective of the WEEE is the avoidance and reduction of electrical and electronical equipment as well as their re-use, recycling and utilization. Stationary equipments and their components are outside the scope of EC-directive 2002/96/EG.
The regulations of the WEEE-directive are added in the Electrical and Electronical Equipment Act – “ElektroG”) to German law.


Our company is operating worldwide. We take the protection of the environment and of the natural resources for corporate obligation. Not least because of this background EMKA is certified to environment management standard DIN ISO 14001 for many years.
We confirm that all electronical modules and products of program 3000 meet the limits prescribed of the directives 2002/95/EG (RoHS) and 2011/65/EU (RoHSII).


The products offered by EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG are intended solely for the B2B-aera (in accordance with the WEEE-directive). They could be returned to us or could be disposed by a commercial dumping enterprise after being used. A disposal through the municipal collection system is not permitted.
In the case of return to us we ensure a professional utilization or disposal.

EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG