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Update from March 2021


With confidence into sprint!

Dear customers,

the good news first: our 10 production sites in Germany, Spain, France, England, Bosnia, Serbia, China and India are all still in operation. In this way, as a supplier - also for system-relevant industries - we ensure at all times that there are no supply bottlenecks for our customers at any time. Through our central warehouse at the headquarters in Velbert and through the buffer warehouses in our worldwide subsidiaries, we can always supply the required quantities in the usual EMKA quality. In addition, all products are tested in our own accredited testing laboratory for consistent top quality. Thus, you as our customer benefit from our worldwide logistics network and a professional permanent quality control.

Since spring 2020, many of our customers have also been happy to make use of our strong production capacities for basic components. The reason for this step by our customers was early failures in their supply chains due to problems at and with their third-party suppliers. The breakdowns often led to production standstills, which could be bridged by EMKA, using our company's production facilities in the areas of zinc and aluminum die casting, plastic injection moulding, machining and extrusion of rubber and PVC profiles. We have flexible scalable capacities and sufficient input material. With production mirrored at several European locations, we are also happy to support you in ensuring your production processes run smoothly. For information about our production capabilities and the advantages of relocating production at short notice, please contact us.

In spring and summer, our contact becomes more direct, personal and lively again - we are sure of that. We remain flexible and solution-oriented in these still difficult times. We continue to work with great commitment on the development of new products, so that inventiveness can continue to go into series production at our company. We would like to continue to inspire you with our innovations!

Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Sales Export)

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