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New EMKA general catalogue 2014 / 2015 now available

EMKA presents its new 672-page general catalogue ”Ingenious Locking Technology for Cabinets and Enclosures 2014 / 2015“ in eleven languages.


Now available as PDF Download or print version:

Among other things, changes and innovations 2014 / 2015 are:

  • NEW: patented polyamide quick fastener with IP 69K rating (Page: 1A-320)

  • NEW: stainless steel compression latch for hygienic areas (Page: 1B-837)

  • NEW: round-up and redesign of the catalogue pages for steel, stainless steel and plastic latches (Page: 1C-120)

  • NEW: swinghandle and escutcheon from Program 1325 (Chapter: 3BA)

  • NEW: swinghandle 1325-U201 especially for small bending areas (Page: 3BA‑320)

  • NEW: polyamide shoe for round or flat rod inside the sealing (Page: 3ZB-180 / 3ZB-200)

  • NEW: rod guide clip-in type for flat or round rods usable on powder-coated weld studs (Page: 3ZC-170 / 3ZC-210)

  • NEW: 180° clip-in hinge consisting of two identical hinge halves (Page: 4B-207)

  • NEW: stainless steel compression latch for railway vehicle manufacturing (Page: 8A-225)

  • NEW: ”ELM Systems Electronic Locking & Monitoring“ has been completely revised (Chapter: 11A)

  •  NEW: this new chapter shows the products for realising biometrical access control systems (Chapter: 11C)

* To open the catalogue you need the Acrobat Reader.

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