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Program 1001 Safety cam lock with marking

Enhancement of program 1001 by a flush mounted safety cam lock. Available with inserts hexagon female 8 mm and square 8 mm with red (open) and green (closed) marking.


Rittal relies on EMKA

Flexible design and reliable application: In order to set up control and switchgear systems as quickly as possible and to operate them safely, system engineers need a wide range of electro-technical components that must meet a variety of requirements in order to interact. This includes the locking technology, which should not only be easy to operate but must...


For more safety and durability: Locking device with patented opening indicator

The EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG extends its product range by a compression latch with lid. This latch, among other things, was designed for use in the railway sector. The special feature of this product innovation: if the lock is open, the lid remains on top. A red area on the inside of the lid becomes visible, which can be clearly seen from several...


Cost effective plastic closure system

A control cabinet with a door height of up to two meters and a proportionate door panel thickness usually requires a locking system with multi-point locking – if nothing else, but to ensure adequate IP protection. The built-in locking system, including the locking rod guide, is often made of metal, which makes the overall construction more expensive. With a...


EMKA presents smartphone-based access control

World market leader for locking systems and one of Europe's largest mould makers: In 2020 EMKA serves several facets for interested parties from the switch cabinet construction, electronics and mechanical engineering industries. But EMKA has also upgraded in the Internet of Things area. For example, EMKA will be presenting a smartphone-based access...


Thanks to EMKA something is turning on the Golf

Dubai tourists have never seen Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Co. like this before: With the ­Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai), a new star will enrich the Persian Gulf skyline starting mid-2020. By July at the latest, the first visitors are to turn their rounds on what will then be the world’s largest Ferris wheel – and will probably be amazed by the latest technology...


Tecnolimit and EMKA make data traffic safe in the Netherlands

Fast internet for everyone. While German politicians are still discussing the feasibility, surfing the fibre optic network in the Netherlands is almost a fundamental right. Since 2018, the area-wide high-speed connection has been operating under the motto "fibre to the home/fibre to the desk". The necessary infrastructure has long been under construction and...


Especially designed for floor mounting: new EMKA sash fastener lock with cover

In cooperation with a customer, EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH has developed a new closure with screw cap: The sash fastener lock was especially designed for flaps and doors mounted in the floor. A purpose-designed screw cap prevents dirt, sand and small stones from accumulating inside the sash fastener. Moisture that can damage the material is also prevented from...



They are a familiar sight in buses or trains. Emergency hammers are located ready to use and clearly visible right next to the windows. In case of an accident or emergency, they help to break the window glass to allow the release of the trapped person.


Seydelmann sets high hygiene standards with EMKA

Appearance and preference are crucial factors in the food industry. However, in order to produce the right product, state-of-the-art ­machinery and a sterile working environment are critical. And there is no reason why hygiene and modern design cannot go hand in hand, as EMKA and the renowned food machinery manufacturer Seydelmann from Aalen, Germany...


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