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Access control

Control access safely

Synchronised hardware and software components ensure a maximum of security and transparency for the access control. The database-driven software Control Cockpit takes care of the central operation, monitoring and configuration of all rack locks.  The consistent logging documents all access-relevant information and guarantees the possibility of unambiguous backtracking of events. In case of irregularities alerts are automatically transmitted. Everything for your security.


Access technology

The personified access control is realised conveniently by local authentication on the server racks either with RFID cards or the individual fingerprint. In combination with further components of the EMKA Rack Management System central monitoring and consistent logging of events are realised.


The database-driven software Control Cockpit enables a central control of all Control Units. With the Control Units on the other hand all connected function modules and handles of the EMKA Rack Management are configured and operated in order to capture all accesses to server racks and all operating states.


Fail-safe and tamper-proof logging documents all access information and guarantees unambiguous traceability of events. It ensures a maximum of security and transparency with regard to access control.


For each sensor component a top and a bottom threshold can be set. A switching output is assigned to each sensor which is activated automatically when exceeding or going below a threshold. With the switching outputs alert units can be activated, fan or air-conditioning devices switched on or emergency openings for server racks be effected.

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