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Compression latch railway version in conformity with RIC



Further information/CAD

Article information

This page contains articles by following specifications

Chiusure 1/4 di giro, chiusure 1/4 di giro a compressione, chiusure per climatizzazione

Accessori e materiale di fissaggio

Accessori per chiusure 1/4 di giro, per chiusure 1/4 di giro a compressione e per chiusure per climatizzazione

Simple locking systems

Vibration proof
The compression latch is vibration proof as such. Depending on the installation location and the operational conditions, specific tests and/or supplementary measures of fastening are necessary.  

Using this compression latch in conjunction with the dust cap (catalogue page B1-4 0) offers a further safety aspect to indicate the open status of the latch:

Additionally, when the lock is open and the red ring visible, the dust cap cannot be locked and remains open.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-U848 Compression latch 0,0009025 kg 1 1 X 1000-U848 1000-U848
1004-52 Key 0,0901 kg 2000 1 1004-52 1004-52