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Chiusure 1/4 di giro



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This page contains articles by following specifications

Chiusure 1/4 di giro, chiusure 1/4 di giro a compressione, chiusure per climatizzazione

Chiusure ¼ di giro

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-23Flat seal0,00014 kg11X1000-231000-23
1000-24O-ring0,0002 kg11X
1000-990Quarter turn assembly11
1000-991Assembly with O-ring11
1000-U653Wing knob quarter turn for ASSA0,14 kg100011000-U6531000-U653
1000-U768Quarter turn for Swedish power companies0,062 kg200011000-U7681000-U768
1000-U769Seal-set for IP 660,00042 kg111000-U7691000-U769