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Aggiornamento da gennaio 2021


Con un nuovo entusiasmo per il nuovo anno!

Un anno difficile e impegnativo è alle nostre spalle, ma ora guardiamo avanti e iniziamo con piena fiducia il nuovo anno 2021. Vorremmo ringraziare ancora una volta i nostri clienti e partner per la collaborazione affidataci nel 2020. Nonostante le circostanze avverse, siamo sempre stati in grado di rimanere in stretto contatto, sia per telefono, virtualmente o di persona, in conformità con le normative vigenti.

I nostri 10 stabilimenti di produzione in Germania, Spagna, Francia, Inghilterra, Bosnia, Serbia, Cina e India sono rimasti operativi ininterrottamente nel 2020. In qualità di fornitore - anche per le industrie di rilevanza sistemica - siamo stati in grado di garantire le forniture ai nostri clienti. Inoltre, abbiamo utilizzato il tempo per ottimizzare ulteriormente le procedure interne e i processi logistici. La nostra produzione di stampi in Bosnia, ad esempio, che è in forte crescita, ne ha tratto grandi benefici. Grazie al nostro magazzino centrale presso la nostra casa madre e ai magazzini nelle nostre filiali nel mondo, siamo stati in grado di fornire le quantità richieste con la consueta qualità EMKA in qualsiasi momento. Beneficerai anche di questo sistema logistico globale nel 2021 perché puoi ancora fare affidamento al 100% sulla nostra capacità di consegnare in tutto il mondo.

Nel nuovo anno il contatto sarà più diretto, personalmente, dinamico - ne siamo più che sicuri. Continueremo ad essere flessibili e orientati alle soluzioni e ci adatteremo alle vostre esigenze individuali anche nel nuovo anno. In tal modo, non ci concentriamo solo sulle esigenze attuali ma anche future e continueremo a lavorare con grande impegno allo sviluppo di nuovi prodotti, affinché l'inventiva possa continuare a entrare nella produzione in serie. Quindi speriamo di continuare a ispirarti con le nostre innovazioni in futuro. Cominciamo il nuovo anno insieme con piena forza e fiducia!

I migliori saluti

Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Responsabile generale delle vendite)


Update from November 2020

Corona Pandemic: Vigilant into November!

Dear customers,

In times of the Corona Pandemic, the protection of our employees and customers as well as the responsibility towards the society are top priorities for EMKA. At the same time, it is important to secure liquidity and the long-term success of the company. Due to the local restrictions our sales force can perform customer visits to a limited extend only. However, in terms of production, signs are pointing “full speed ahead”. All EMKA production plants are working without short-time work, therefore all our divisions are fully capable of delivering and our employees are always at your disposal for inquiries.

With our participation in the "CARAVAN Salon" trade fair in Dusseldorf (Germany) in September, we were able to make a contribution to the development and testing of hygiene concepts for events, because business has to continue. By the way, we had no health incidents at the fair, but some good conversations with fair visitors, of course with mask and distance. All in all, another step in the right direction.

We are intensively monitoring the situation at all our EMKA locations worldwide to react quickly and correctly at any time. Health and Well-being of our customers and employees are always in the focus of our attention.

With this in mind: Stay healthy!

Warm regards
Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)


Update from July 2020

We thank you!

Dear customers,

We are still on the way back to normal business. As already announced in our previous update, many of our office employees are back from their home office and can be reached at their usual workplace. The colleagues in the field service do not yet make extensive customer visits, but occasionally and specifically on an appointment - always depending on national or regional regulations. We also expect the restrictions to ease further in the near future.

Despite all these developments, the protection of our employees, suppliers and customers remains as our primary goal. The fact that the protective measures of the past weeks have so far taken effect in every respect is shown by the fact that our factories worldwide are producing and deliverable.

The current crisis is not over yet. We owe it to our customers that EMKA is so well positioned. We communicated with each other all the time; the contact was never interrupted. So once again a big thank you to all customers for their loyalty and support.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Warm regards
Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)


Update from 06 May 2020

Gradual return to normality

Dear customers,

The past weeks have confronted us with a number of organizational challenges, but we were able to master them well at EMKA. Now that the German Government has decided to relax further, we at EMKA are returning to normality step by step - also in our international subsidiaries. In Germany all our employees will return from their home offices by May 11th and will be available for you at their usual place of work. Many colleagues are already on site. We have been able to abolish the shift service introduced some weeks ago.

On agreement by phone and in exceptional cases, personal customer appointments are also possible again. However, despite all the relaxation, the protection of our employees, suppliers and customers remains a clear focus. Strict compliance with all hygiene regulations at all EMKA locations is a matter of course and implemented by all employees in an exemplary manner. Personal appointments take place - if any at all - exclusively in conference rooms, so that we can always comply in particular with the distance rules without any problems.

In retrospect, we are proud that our production could be maintained at almost all of the company’s sites with unlimited capacity. This fact enables us today to supply every customer in full at any time.

We are very pleased to be able to convey this positive news to you.

Stay healthy!

Warm regards
Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)


Update from 20 April 2020

Fully capable to deliver and at your disposal

Dear customers,

In addition to our update from April 14, we would like to inform you today about the current situation. As we all know, the corona crisis has not yet been overcome. At the end of last week, the German Government announced that contact restrictions in Germany would remain in effect until at least May 3. At the same time, there are first loosenings under special hygiene and behavioral requirements. In many other places at home and abroad, however, we all still must live with sometimes drastic restrictions. This also affects us as a global company.

The good news: We at EMKA are at our customers' side as a competent contact. And we are still fully capable to produce and deliver. All plants across Europe produce again. Our sales offices are open, orders and deliveries are thus largely ensured. Our strict security measures, such as additional factory inspections, safety clearances, shift operation and comprehensive hygiene rules, always ensure the safety of our employees, suppliers and customers.

If the situation changes, we will inform you. Please stay healthy!

With warm regards
Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)


Update from 14 April 2020

Fully capable to deliver and at your disposal

Dear customers,

Understandably, we are currently receiving numerous enquiries as to how the corona crisis and the changing situation at home and abroad is limiting our availability and ability to deliver. As of today, we can assure you that our plants throughout Europe are completely ready for production and that our employees are available for your orders, inquiries and needs without any restrictions. Should you have specific requests for deliveries or special orders, we will examine all possibilities to meet your request.

Of course, the corona problem also is creating new challenges for us - especially in the area of safety for our employees, suppliers and customers. However, through the targeted deployment of an internal task force, we planned and implemented all the protective measures at an early stage - and in compliance with all the country-specific regulations concerning our branches - weeks ago. Our top priority is to maintain operations and to protect all workplaces. These measures include:

  • 2-shift system without cross-layer contacts
  • ensuring sufficient physical distance between employees
  • optimized cleaning intervals including forced, large-scale disinfection
  • permanently installed dispensers for hand disinfection in all operating areas
  • regular meetings of our task force to assess the situation on an ongoing basis
  • the technical equipment of modern video conference tools
  • the cancellation of all trade fairs in the first half of 2020
  • the early cancellation of the Hanover Industrial Fair in July 2020
  • the early build-up of stocks

To ensure that you are always up to date, we will regularly provide you with the most important information and updates here in the coming days and weeks.

We assure you: Corona creates new tasks, but for you, our customers, our employees and partners, we will solve every single problem.

With warm regards

Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)


Update from 20 March 2020

Dear customers,

The COVID-19 situation poses enormous challenges for the whole world. Both the economic activity of every company as well as public institutions and events are highly affected. Every single one of us feels the effects both professionally and privately.

The business activities of the EMKA Group are currently ensured at our production sites in Europe as well as in our international sales offices. Our measures to keep our employees healthy and to keep the business running have been effective to date. We produce our locking solutions in Europe. Our supply chains are working.

Nevertheless, we are monitoring the situation closely and we are in deep contact with the local authorities to exchange information and react just in time if necessary.

At all times, the health and well-being of our employees is our main concern. We meet this duty of care to the highest degree and we take appropriate preventive measures.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your EMKA contact person by phone or e-mail. We are at your disposal for technical product advices as well as for answering your requests and preparing offers.

At this point we will keep you informed about the current situation at EMKA.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay healthy!

Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Global Sales)

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